Christmas tree: take 2

You might remember that this is what my Christmas tree looked like (below) a couple of weeks ago when I posted about how I spray painted it (for more on that click here) :

White Christmas Tree

Yesterday morning, after my son and dog bumped into it, this is what it looked like:

Fallen Christmas tree

What makes this story all the more ‘fun’ is that my husband and I had just gotten in the night before from London during a snow storm, the elementary school and high school didn’t have power so the kids were home -oh and we didn’t have power either.  We had to plug the vacuum to the generator in order to clean up the mess.  Yeah, it was one of those mornings!

rainbow color block Christmas treeInspired by a Christmas tree I saw last year on The Daily Buzz when I was doing research for a holiday article for Ronamag, my daughter and I decided to redecorate the tree in a rainbow or colour block fashion.

AND….this is what our Christmas tree looks like now:

rainbow Christmas tree

green Christmas ornaments

red pink christmas ornaments

blue Christmas ornaments

Christmas tree topper

rainbow Christmas tree

The day started out chaotic, but it turned out to be a pretty nice family day; lounging in our PJ’s, playing in the snow …and the power did come back on in time for lunch!

Christmas tree breakfast nook

For more pictures of the breakfast nook click HERE!

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