Happy Valentine’s Day!

Husky Happy Valentine's Day

Last year, you might remember that I made the kids a fun photo collage (you can see it here) using Pixlr.com and they absolutely loved it.  I decided do it again this year …of course it’s always difficult since Kaya absolutely HATES the camera.


I scored some unique large white heart shaped ceramic plates at the dollar store of all places!  I bought the last 7 they had in stock …so cute! I will use them all year long!

heart shaped bowl

This year I whipped up some red velvet cupcakes which I topped with little chocolates – they look so professional! The pretty paper cupcake liners and little chocolates are also from the dollar store (triple score!).

red velvet cupcakes

Hope you’re Valentine’s day is better than Kaya’s!!  LOL!

Kaya: Siberian Husky with red bow tie


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not child’s play: 7000 piece LEGO chandelier

Mind.  Blown.


Maybe it’s because I have kids, and my two sons spent a better part of their lives creating, obsessing and building LEGOS but I have a super fascination with these plastic blocs.


Tobias Tostesen is the industrial designer (and creative wiz!) behind this LEGO chandelier. It all started for an exhibition called The Tube by the Kolding School of Design where each designer got paired with a manufacturer.  Lucky Tobias got The LEGO Group!  His second exhibition was at the Il Salone in Milan for design week 2013 where he made quite an impression.


Although it might be hard to tell from the picture it’s size is huge (floor to ceiling).  According his web site the fixture is supposed to capture “and reflecting the dynamic lumiosity and colors of the day“.





LEGO is something that really takes you back in time, but somehow still allures you as an adult. Its essentiality is timeless because of its simple building principle and the human urge to create. How do you add new feelings to a brand as strong as LEGO?”  via Tobia Tostesen’s web site

Yeah. True that.


I personally have added him to my list of designer’s I’d love to have a drink with -or maybe in this case, drag out the four huge storage bins of LEGO’s I have stored in the basement and have an all out building competition! ;-)

*all photo’s were taken by Photographer: Gert Skærlund Andersen via inthralld.com and tobiastostesen.com

check back soon for more inspirations!


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Graffiti Inspired

Maybe because graffiti inspired home decor is so over-the-top original, unexpected and fun that I haven’t yet become tired of it.

graffiti home decor

photo via Made By Girl

Chatelaine / Armoire makeover

Chatelaine / Armoire makeover


photo via New York Times


photo via Big Beige Box

IKEA-Dresser/Catalogue 2014

Ikea / 2014 Catalogue

I’ve been itching to try this somewhere in my home -but where?  And how do u integrate graffiti walls or furniture without looking like your home was vandalized while you were on vacation?!   Well, I think I figured it out.  Last week I was pretty busy… stay tuned for my latest DIY!


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The 12 most inspiring chalkboard walls

From giving a bistro feel to a kitchen or your very own (erasable) wallpaper in the bathroom to a designated space where you can get your graffiti on, these spaces prove that chalkboard walls can work in any room of your home.

Chalkboard-Walls-43-1-Kindesign Chalkboard-Walls-31-1-Kindesign Chalkboard-Walls-17-1-Kindesign Chalkboard-Walls-15-1-Kindesign Chalkboard-Walls-14-1-Kindesign Chalkboard-Walls-07-1-Kindesign Chalkboard-Walls-06-1-Kindesign Chalkboard-Walls-03-1-Kindesign chalkboardwallkitchen chalkboardwallgameroom teengaebedroom

Want more? Click on any of the photos above to go right to the source.


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Fake a chalkboard

fake a chalkboard

me and clo  - making art

feeling artsy


metal wall art

legit FREE ART

“You’re welcome”

classic posters, free download, free printable, graphic design, travel, movies, printables, retro prints, theater, vintage, vintage posters, vintage printables, Flying Down to Rio, Musical, Dolores del Rio - Vintage Theater Movie Printable Poster

YUP.  Did you know that there are actual legitimate websites where you can download out-of-copyright art, for free?

SO.  Assuming you have access to a color printer, a sheet of quality printer paper/cardstock and an un-used frame tucked away in the back of your closet -then yes, say it with me “FREE ART”.

THE FINE PRINT. Some of these online free printable sites have one specific rule.  The lingo goes something like this: “private non-commercial use of individuals… anyone selling, distributing or recreating these images can be prosecuted…”.  Basically, use them for your own personal use for a happy, guilt free, home decor option!!

P.S. Bookmark or Pin this blog-post now and on that next rainy Sunday afternoon you can take your time perusing these websites and whip up some art for your home with the click of a mouse! You’re welcome.

Click on the links or art samples below to be taken right to the source!








Vintage Stock Image - Lavender Plant - Botanical

classic posters, food, food and drug administration, free download, graphic design, military, propaganda, public health, public service announcement, retro prints, vintage, vintage posters, war, Food, Don't Waste It - Vintage US Food Administration War Poster

Art-Painting-Interior-Woman-ironingCircles Initial Free Printable Nursery ArtworkWANT MORE? Head over to EverythingEtsy.com where Kim has a great list of 101 Pretty Printables which includes printables for your canned preserves, gift tags, labels, cards and decor for your next party!

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