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Do you remember when you were a kid, maybe going to an old Diner or having breakfast at grandma’s house and being served orange or grapefruit juice in small glasses that were designed just for the purpose of having juice at breakfast time?

measuring cup to juice glass

When I saw how perfectly sized these small measuring cups were I knew they would make great a.m. juice glasses and with their throwback vibe (these babies have been in production for decades), be pretty adorable to boot!  (Bonus: if you are into counting calories this makes it easy to monitor and calculate how many calories of juice, milk, smoothie… you are consuming!).

There are a few different brands and surprisingly are sold everywhere, you just haven’t noticed… seriously.  You can find them in the strangest places like hardware and grocery stores, dollar shops and of course big box online retailers like Amazon.  Prices can range from $5 to $1 each so do take the time to shop around.

price tags $1

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Budget friendly (and fun!) solution for covering up an unwanted window!


I wear many hats.  Aside from being a wife, mom, freelance writer and interior designer I’m also a volunteer librarian!

I won’t go into all the details …but basically our library is shaped like an octagon with lots of windows all around (even skylights above).  Because of how the library is used now, compared to when it was first constructed (several decades ago) there are a couple of windows that we no longer want or need.  But what to do when we librarians have a very limited budget? The goal is to spend on books for the kids, not on decor, staffing or construction materials, if we can help it.  Then it hit me:  Chalkboard paint!

Not only could I paint it myself but the supplies are affordable enough that I could contribute them.   Plus it would also be visually fun for the kids and a great way for the staff to advertise the library’s theme of the month or upcoming events like our book fair.

To be honest I was a little worried about how the paint would adhere to the windows.  So I made sure to prep them by thoroughly washing them, then using (high grit) sandpaper to slightly scuff up the window followed by another cleaning to make sure they were free of dust.  It took three coats to properly cover.  I let it cure and the next day I wiped the entire dry painted surface with chalk and used a clean dry rag to both rub in and wipe the chalk all over the surface.

I just completed the project yesterday – I apologize for the two bad photos which I quickly snapped using my phone (I will try and get better ones next week), but I think you get the idea.  In our story-time area where we read to the children I drew two popular book characters -yes, I drew The Cat In The Hat and Clifford, not too shabby for someone who is NOT AT ALL an artist!.  The other side of the window is also painted with chalkboard paint, and that’s where the staff can write announcement, events or messages.



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Frozen outdoor planters? No problem!


PROBLEM: You are finally ready to put together some outdoor holiday decorations and fill those planters with greenery and lights but “OH $#@!”.  You realize that you left your outdoor planters filled with soil outside and now they are frozen solid.

Frozen outdoor planter thaw with hot water

SOLUTION: You could haul them indoors and let them thaw overnight or… better yet, just bring a kettle (or pot) of water to a boil and pour over the soil for instant thawing!!  YES!!

Holiday Christmas Evergreen outdoor planter

I just did this last week and it worked great, I needed about 2 kettles of boiling water per planter since mine are pretty large.  * I would advise those with terracotta or ceramic pots not to try this method since it could likely result in shattering or cracking of your planter/pot.

Happy Decorating!


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why not transform fall centerpieces into mini outdoor light wreaths?


“so stupid-easy,
you’ll be too embarrassed to not claim this idea as your own!”

Next time you’re out doing errands pop in to a craft store, dollar shop or browse the seasonal section of your local home store.  You should be able to find fall inspired centrepieces similar to the ones I picked up recently for $1.25 each (see photo).  Think about how many outdoor house lights you have (or wish to decorate) and buy a centrepiece for each one.

Fall DIY leaf mini wreath from centerpiece

Now for the most complicated part of this project (insert sarcasm here), using a pair of regular old scissors, make one cut in the middle ring where the candle or vase would go.  That’s it.  Slip it onto your outdoor light fixture for cute and simple fall decor!

outdoor mini light wreath

mini wreath outdoor FALL DIY

front of my house Oct 2013

outdoor house lights decorate seasonal

Don’t you just love easy?


P.S. My outdoor light fixtures were purchased at Canadian Tire, you can find them HERE.

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spruce up the old laundry basket


Spray Paint Strikes Again at The Oui Household

I’ve had this laundry basket for well over 15 years.  I bought it before this style became popular, inexpensive and available in just about every single department store known to man (yeah, that’s code for I paid a lot).  Recently I noticed that the chrome finish was getting splotchy and rusty.  Yuck.

rusty chrome metal laundry basket

It’s no secret that I am obsessed I like spray paint (FYI, yes you can spray paint your Christmas tree! more on that here). So rather than buy a new laundry bin or a can of silver-chrome spray paint -which I knew would require several coats to hide the rust and not really turn out as “chrome-y” and shiny as the real deal, I thought; Why not spray paint it a different color?

Krylon Gold Spray paint

Since I’m digging gold these days (more on that here) and I had a can of gold spray hanging around the house (who doesn’t am I right? LOL).  I went for it:

gold spray painted laundry basket

While the cotton lining was being washed with a little bleach and soap (something I do every couple of months) I decided to give the entire  thing (including the black plastic casters) two light coats of gold spray paint.  Nope, I did not use primer, or do any fancy prep work.  It was so easy to do and because the weather was perfect (no humidity, not too hot, a nice breeze).  It was dry and ready to use before the cotton lining was out of the dryer!  No joke.

spray painted laundry basket

gold painted metal laundry basket

gold metal laundry basket

What are you itching to spruce up with spray paint?


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