The Butt Pant

When 3 people tell you “your butt looks great in those pants” you run out and buy more.  And that’s what I did; The C9 Champion Yoga Pant @ Target.

But, and this is a big but (no pun intended, OK, of course it was intended) don’t get the ones with the cotton blend.  They have to be the polyester nylon low-rise kind.  You can wear them with whatever and for some bizarre reason even though I don’t do Yoga, my legs and butt look fab in these pants (fyi : the wrong underwear can spoil everything).  Best of all -when you’re running out the door showerless and uncaffeinated taking the kids to school followed by a slew of errands you can slip into these, throw on a tank, denim jacket and a pair of Nike’s or Uggs and kind of look semi-enviously fab (don’t forget the sunglasses).

Enjoy the compliments,



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