Burlap Coffee Sacks

OK,  so once again I am browsing good old Sportsmansguide.com and happen to see that they sell used burlap coffee sacks.

Used Burlap Coffee Sacks

I immediately think “throw pillow!” (I am on a constant throw pillow shopping, making, imagining quest).  Upon further investigation I find out this is not only rustic-ly gorgeous but also considered a  “green” home decor option and anyone can go to their local coffee shop and inquire about purchasing used coffee sacks for the price of a Grande Latte!

In my new house (to be finished mid 2010) I would like to have a breakfast area and in my vision there is a round table, a banquette and a couple of chairs.  On the banquette I see two, maybe three burlap coffee sack pillows -cute no?

If you are a bit picky (like moi) and there is a specific color, brand or country of origin you want on your sack, check out E-bay.

Burlap Coffee Sack Throw Pillows

Aside from throw pillows you can make or buy tons of other stuff like lampshades (please don’t get me started on lampshades -I swear there are not enough lampshade selections in this world -I should start my own company – seriously), messenger or shopping bags, storage baskets, headboards, and if coffee isn’t your thing you can shop for grain sacks, bean sacks or other food items that are shipped around the world in burlap sacks (what did we do before google?).

Used Coffee Sack Headboard

Why not upholster dinning room seat cushions? Or to make a bunch of mismatched dinning chairs look cohesive throw a different sack over the backrest of each one (great no-sew idea).  Careful though -make sure you throw in some glam and sparkle (a slew of mercury glass candlesticks as a center piece for example) to balance out the rustic.

Burlap Sack Chair Cushion

Happy Burlap-ing,



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