I love mushrooms; the edible (legal) kind as well as the decorative objects and art kind.  There’s something about their shape and simplicity.   I’ve also read that in many cultures they are a symbol of good luck!

Decorative/Display Mushroom

Mushroom Ornament

Mushroom Ornaments

Mushroom Magnets

Mushroom Lamp

Mushroom Wall Decal

Saddle Stone (Mushroom Stone)

Carved Wooden Mushrooms

Mushroom Bottle Opener



2 thoughts on “Mushrooms

  1. My love of red fairytale mushrooms started last year after a trip to Tasmania. While driving through a town, my children and I came across a park covered in real red fairy mushrooms. I really had no idea they existed like this. Since then I have collected quite a few different red mushroom ornaments. Some which are stamps, money boxes and garden ornaments. I get very excited when I come across anything like this in shops or markets :)

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