Cheap Valentine

I still think handmade little love notes -weather it be a heartfelt scribble on a napkin sneaked into a laptop bag or a sexy-fun note for your eyes only are still one of the top (not to mention, free) ways to express I love you.

Napkin Love Note

My Funny Valentine

But check out what else I have discovered for this 2010 VD holiday : these cute  From My Heart Pillow Cases.  This brand has several different designs (and mugs to match).  They also carry body pillow cases which makes a perfect gift for the pregnant Valentine on your list!

From My Heart Pillow Cases

If your Valentine enjoys humor more than mushy romance this set of 45 Cards (below) will be a hit:

Example from: Express Your Invaluable Love For Under $10 by Brook Lundy & Duncan Mitchell

Maybe because this season has been unusually cold and snowy everywhere across North America or the fact that the 2010 Olympic Games are about to start but I think these patriotic knitted hats (and scarves) sold at Nordstrom’s are a great  “not romantic but I want to get her something” gift.

American Flag Hat

Canadian Flag Tuque

Ladies, let’s be honest.  You already know what your guy wants for Valentine’s day.  If he’s like most of the men I know then the best present (for any holiday really) is you wearing the least amount of clothing possible.

Although if you really want to buy your man a little gift I like these cool stones that work as ice cubes called Whiskey Stones.  Soapstone workers in Perksville Vermont created this little company.  Available at gift shops and cost around $20.  Gift these along with a bottle of his favorite liquor and you’re all set.

Whiskey Stones

Or how about the Hidden Message Tie Clip from Red Envelope ? At $20 it’s a practical and romantic gift.

Hidden Message Tie Clip,

He doesn’t drink or wear ties?  Well, the expression “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” has some serious truth.  A juicy steak and baked potato is my man’s weakness -find out yours and start cooking!

Guys, if jewelry is really her thing but you can’t afford the good stuff then I am begging you to not buy the real yet tacky (diamond flakes? ugh) jewelry.  Instead shop at your local TjMaxx, Target or Winners and choose something simple she’ll wear for years like tasteful silver hoop earrings -you can’t go wrong and she won’t have to pretend that she likes it and then never wear it.  But if you’re certain she’d like something a bit more unique then these three suggestions (listed below) are budget friendly, romantic and fun:

#1. The Forget Me Knot ring.  Very sweet and perfect for a young relationship (if you have more cash to spare this style is also available in real gold or silver from places like Uncommon Goods ).

Forget Me Knot Ring;

#2. These necklaces come in 9 different sayings such as Crazy In Love, Baby Mama and Fireworks.  You could also find something similar at your local department store and have it engraved with a more meaningful word or message.

Heart Necklace,

#3.  A couple of years ago a friend of mine received a very nice, very fake diamond ring from her husband with a letter explaining how one day when they were more financial secure he would surprise her with an identical but  real ring.  She loved it.  Department stores and places like Overstock have a great selection for under $20.

Fake Bling

I am pretty sure I speak for a lot of women when I say that not having to cook or clean along with a glass -ok two (fine, the bottle) of wine is enough to get me in a romantic mood.   Pick up a bottle of something she likes, order in some take out and light a candle.  Done and done.

It really is the thought, and your time that counts!

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