Naughty Aviators

I’m proud to admit that I’m not really a celebrity gossip junkie.  I do like reading or watching an interview now and again but I don’t tune in to Access Hollywood and I loathe tabloids (celebrity cellulite beach shots? really?).

However living in PA for several years I did get a little caught up in the John & Kate Plus 8 drama and most recently I’m ashamed to admit that even though I don’t care anything about the Tiger Woods debacle it was pretty hard to turn on a television without seeing it all playing out.  This is precisely when my want turned into obsession -for aviator sunglasses that is.  Rachel Uchitel’s aviators to be exact.

I am not thrilled that seeing her image plastered everywhere turned out to have the best marketing effect on me, but let’s face it -she looked good in them.  Thing is, I don’t look like Rachel and so the search was on to find a pair of aviators that suited me .

I found them when I wasn’t even shopping for them (isn’t it always the way?): Fossil aviator sunglasses.  I got them in silver frames with smoke lenses.  Loved them so much, I went back and bought them in gold with brown lenses.

I have yet to be mistaken for a naughty mistress though.  Bummer.



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