Rug Picky

I find most area rugs offered at the local home stores are either boring or ugly.  When I occasionally do come across an area rug I like it’s either:

#1 not affordable

#2 the pattern is great but the texture feels wrong/rough/cheap

#3 it’s perfect but the wrong size/shape.

Ya, I’m rug picky.

But I am here to share the solution to problem #3 : A year ago I found a really nice area rug at Target.  It was a knock off of a rug I had seen elsewhere for a lot more money.  Problem was that it was rectangle and I wanted round.  I bought it anyways and found out that most local carpet stores can cut and bind any rug for you for a small fee.

Did you know this was possible??!  Well now you do. Which means that you and every-other-budget-minded-picky-area-rug-shopper is a bit closer to having the area rug of their dreams too.

Solution to problems #1 and #2 coming soon ;-)



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