The Mrs. Oui Earrings

In my real (for real) desperate housewives neighborhood in the U.S. we were lovingly referred to as “The Oui’s” : short for our last name which is difficult to pronounce not to mention spell and partly funny because we are French Canadian (yes, I speak French).

When I saw these earrings at Urban I simply had to take it upon myself to rename them the Mrs. Oui earrings!!  With a click, I added them to my cart but before I could type in my credit card number I got pulled away by phones ringing, dog barking, children whining about having to complete their daily 30 min Rosetta Stone french lesson, dinner making and when I returned to my cart the earrings were sold out!! “Non, Non!”.

The Mrs. Oui Earrings

I’ve been obsessively trying to find them elsewhere, no luck yet.


(This post is dedicated to my foxy fox run ladies, xx.)


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