Decorate: a little Christmas all winter long?

I always enjoy packing away my Christmas decorations once the holidays are over but I don’t love how it makes the house seem cold and uninviting which is why I try to leave out a few items that don’t necessarily scream holiday but do speak to the season of  “winter”.

ice skates ornament

vase of peacok feathers

faux snow + twiggery vase

If you live in a climate where it’s cold then this is pretty easy to do.  I left a “pair of skates” x-mas ornament hanging over a frame.  I removed the ornaments and sparkle from my wreath and just left some greens, I then filled a vase with faux snow and filled it with twigs (u could used white rocks or beads) and with a teaspoon of leftover “snow” I sprinkled some on the leaves of a small house plant in my powder room!

winter wreath


I also picked up a cute painting at a thrift store of a snowy landscape which I hung in my entrance.  It can easily be changed out each season.  I also left a leafy sage garland above my door  (removing berries) because it didn’t feel Christmas-y to me.

I’ll pack all these items away and happily replace them when the snow melts  or when Easter comes around, whichever come first!


The 101: Think outside the box and stretch your decorating dollar!

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