The Powder Room

The powder room in our last home could be described as a windowless, 90’s builder grade fake-marble-sink-counter-combo in a smoke stain color  sitting atop an orange-y oak vanity (are you still with me?).  Not cute.  I put up shelves and art and hubby installed slate tile floors.  It helped but didn’t save it from non-cuteness.

So when designing and building our new house I was super excited to have a  nice tall window, high ceilings and be able to inject a little cute modern glam in there.  Although I was on a budget, I did splurge on beautiful cloudy grey marble floors (seeing as how there is very little square footage in there it only cost an extra $30 compared to using cheap ceramic tile – well worth it!).

For the vanity the choices were endless.  I shopped and shopped and became overwhelmed until I found a simple white porcelain square sink and a furniture inspired vanity with frosted glass doors that sort of resembled my kitchen cabinets.  The adorable  curvy faucet was chosen by happy accident : I received the wrong order, but liked it better and so was reimbursed for the difference (yes it was cheaper, what luck!) and kept it.

powder room vanity

For the walls I initially wanted dramatic wallpaper but hubby was thinking re-sale and wasn’t feeling it so on a day when the temp was 100 degrees, and the plumbers were beginning their install of all fixtures throughout the house  I rolled on three coats of  paint (did I mention the heating/COOLING system was not hooked up yet?).  When I stepped out to rinse the paint off my brushes and the sweat from my brow I came back to a completed powder room! (toilet, vanity and faucet installed).  It was as quick and dreamy as an HGTV episode (believe it or not the plumbers were actually cute too!).

I had wanted a silver-grey for my powder room (ceiling and walls) and was bummed about Home Depot not selling Ralph Lauren’s metallic paints anymore.  But I did find something else which turned out better than the RL paint would have (metallic paints are tricky to work with).

I used a hammered metallic paint which comes in 6 colors manufactured by Les Faux-Finis du Monde and comes in 850ml cans.  I mixed 2 parts silver to one part Pearl White to lighten up the color a little.  Because the paint has a very slight hammered texture it is more forgiving and rolls on much easier that other metallic paints (still needed 3 coats though).

close up of wall

I checked their website at (which is not very good), they sell their paint products in Canada and the U.S.A, but their site doesn’t mention anything about their cans of metallic hammered paint (which I purchased this summer at my local hardware store: RONA-Studio 450- 424-6328.

It turned out really nice! Everyone who comes over raves about it and how especially glam it looks at night when the crystals from the flat ceiling mount chandelier reflects off the walls  (purchased at a local hardware store for a deal and no, they aren’t real crystals but you can’t tell and no one is tall enough to reach up and feel it -and who would do that anyways?!).

light fixture/chandelier in powder room

I painted out all the trim and door in my favorite: Behr’s Ultra Pure White (the best, milkiest and freshest white color paint ever!) in high gloss.  For the window treatments I decided to hang a simple charcoal extension rod which I thought was a little pricey but there truly isn’t much choice in extension rods :  either the ugly gold or white ones with white stoppers on the ends like your Nana had in her kitchen to hang up her lace curtain panels or the Umbra ones I bought.   But I did save some cash on curtains since I used my beautiful vintage linen tablecloths with the Montreal Papineau Hotel crest weaved into them and hung them using Umbra‘s matching clip rings  -they fit perfectly (no sewing required!) and it turned out to be the quickest and easiest window treatment I’d ever done!

The best part of this powder room is I can accent it with any color.  FYI, right now I’m totally feeling pink but for spring/summer I am already having visions of yellow.

Marble tiles, paint and vanity with sink, Rona.  Faucet, Moen.  Mirror and hand towel hook, Home Depot.  Soap and hand towel, HomeSense.  Light fixture, curtain Rod and clips, Reno Depot.

The 101:  Expensive tile goes a long way and won’t break the budget in a tiny space.  A small room is a good place to experiment with a fun wall treatment (do the ceiling too!).


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