The Breakfast (lunch and dinner) Nook

Well here it is:  The breakfast nook off my kitchen.  I love how it overlooks my woodsy backyard (and the kids tree-house).

Breakfast Nook

Oh and I love that light fixture, it’s unexpected for there -but it works somehow.   In the evenings it elevates the normally casual space into something a bit more sophisticated.

breakfast nook light fixture by Kichtler

My husband made the bench and some of the pillows were handmade (by me), like the green Moorish inspired print was a bed sheet I fell in love with, I used that on the front and for the back I used heavy felted light gray wool and oversize down euro inserts. The rest were purchased at Ikea and HomeSense.   I would eventually like to make a bench cushion as well.

The vintage table was a Craigslist find for $50!  It was in immaculate condition and came with two very un-sturdy bistro chairs but I preferred the table with my vintage aluminium Emeco arm chairs anyways (I scored those 8 years ago for $7 ea and re-upholstered them myself).

The  flooring is Canadian maple and the stain color can best be described as tree bark.  With so many windows it seemed like an obvious natural choice to link the outdoors in and more importantly it’s the color of dirt!

I think some bamboo shades would look nice installed inside the window frames for added texture (we don’t really need the privacy) but on the long list of things we still need to do/buy for this house it’s way at the bottom.

Although technically this is a breakfast nook, it gets way more use than the dinning room (isn’t that always the case?).  Our gang of 5 tends to eat most of the meals here …  it’s warm and sunny by day and cozy by night!

Wall color, Intellectual and trim and ceiling Ultra Pure White from Behr.  Grey nubby wool rug, Pottery Barn, leather shag rug (on top), Bouclair Maison.  Patio door and windows by Solaris.

The 101:  A light fixture can change the mood of a room.  Almost any fabric (bed sheets, blanket,  shirt) can be used to make throw pillows.  An open bright room is a perfect place to try a dark wall color.  Vintage furniture will guarantee a unique space.

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12 thoughts on “The Breakfast (lunch and dinner) Nook

  1. This a lovely room! In our breakfast room we have windows on one 8 foot wall. Two IKEA lack coffee tables fit the space with a piece of plywood on top for reinforcement. I had a foam mattress made to fit, which I covered with broadcloth to go with the patterned cushions: one side red, the other green, which we switch with the seasons. Our window bench is beside the table for seating, has wall-mounted reading lights at either end so my husband & I sit with our feet up reading, & in a pinch is made up as a bed for a guest. There is plenty of storage underneath, with the built-in shelves, which we hid with reversible curtains matching the seat. This has become the most-used room in our house.

  2. Do you have details on how the bench was built? I have a very similar space in my house and would love to have a nook!

    • Unfortunately no, I do not have step by step construction details. To be honest we just winged it! To keep cost down we used leftover materials we had around from just having finished building our house -and installing the kitchen cabinets. First we decided how high we wanted it (measure the height of your dining chairs), how deep (deeper than a typical dining chair because I knew I would have cushions) and how long we wanted it (this depends on your space and the size of the table). Armed with the leveled measurements that we marked on the floor and walls we used 2 x 4’s to build out the frame and then covered it with plywood (although we should have used MDF for a smoother, nicer finish). Next we glued and nailed (with finishing nails) baseboards to the base and finished it with rounded leftover cabinet trim on the top edge. The top back, which is hidden by pillows, also has a strip of small trim to finish it off since the plywood was just sitting there up against the wall, looking ugly.

      Lastly, we filled in the nail holes, gave it a good sanding, a generous application of primer followed by two coats of white glossy paint (Ultra Pure White by Behr) and it was done!

      Hope this helps a little! Good luck.

    • A seat cushion would have been more comfy for sure -but this is great for us since spills and messes are easy to clean up! If my breakfast nook was my main and only eating area (we also have a dining room) then I prob would have amped up the comfort and made the space a little more fancy by choosing a different table and making an upholstered seat and backrest for the bench ;-)

  3. I would spend all my time in this room!
    It’s wonderful and I love the openness of the
    room.I would hang all my bird & hummingbird feeders! Love the lamp!

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