My Entry Hall

I don’t have a large or grand entry, but it works.  A few rustic hooks by the door, a worn basket holds the dog leash and a pair of sneakers and across the staircase is a tiny angled closet which can squeeze in a few coats.

Entrance: Spring 2011

Entrance: Winter 2011

Then there is the three drawer dresser I scored to hold a variety of miscellaneous items (fancy word for junk drawer!) like batteries, flashlights, video camera etc.

The dresser has a feather soft metallic gold-ish, silver finish with fabulous knobs that look like they could be earrings!  But the best part is up close;  it has a “skin”, a texture of sorts like snake or crocodile and of course the curvy shape is fun.  It has enough going on so that it doesn’t need anything ornate or colorful shouting “hey, check me out over here!“.

On top of the dresser sits a white sculptural bowl which holds keys, cell phone or mail but still leaves plenty of surface area for two adjustable sterling silver candlestick lamps, a decorative vase  (I regularly change this out for fresh flowers, completely replace with a house plant or other seasonal decorative accessories) and I still have space for plopping down my hand bag!

If I hadn’t discovered this piece, my plan was to scour vintage and antique shops until I found some original storage item to give my nothing-into-something makeover to (no worries, I have plenty of other project lined up).

I know what you’re thinking “Fine, but unrealistic! Not enough storage! How do you not have a piles of coats, gloves and shoes by the door?”.  The only reason this little setup functions is because I have a mud room by the garage entrance to the house, which is where we usually come and go and where the mountain of shoes and often soggy coats and boots hide out.

Bring the outdoors in!

By day the entry hall is a simple, pretty and practical place to riffle through my purse or figure out which batteries go into the remote (while getting a glimpse of myself in the mirror!).  By evening it looks a little more thought out, special even and hopefully welcoming to guests.

MORE decor with plants!

Lady vase with fall branches

Wreath made by me.  Wrought iron (heavy, antique looking) hooks from Dollarama.  Basket from Target (circa 2002).  Dresser, Bowring.  Trim, Ultra Pure White and wall color, Ashes  – both from Behr.


The 101 :  Storage can be attractive.  Using different textures keeps a monochromatic palette interesting.  Re-purpose (a bowl/basket/lamp) what you already have for other uses.


7 thoughts on “My Entry Hall

  1. Hello so I came across the picture of your house key and fell in love with it ! Can I ask where you got it !? By the way your house is also gorgeous.

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