Cote St. Charles plaza opening in July

Côte St. Charles plaza opening in July


Plaza Côte St. Charles will include an Esso, A&W, Tim Hortons and a new regional Re/Max.
(Gazette, Julie Cadieux)

by Julie Cadieux

ST. LAZARE — Since construction began on the shopping plaza located on the corner of Cote St. Charles and St. Louis I enjoyed driving past, spying on the progress and day dreaming about what might open there. Perhaps a Thai restaurant where I would happily satisfy my cravings for Chicken Pad Thai (extra spicy) anytime I pleased. Add a Dollarama and a cute little vintage home décor boutique next to it and it would definitely become part of my weekly routine. My kids on the other hand argued about whether they preferred a Toys R Us, Dairy Queen or Game Stop. Dan, my husband, claimed to not care but I know if a Canadian Tire opened up he would certainly go “missing” on Saturday mornings.
The guessing came to an end when I met with Denis Daneau, site manager for Construction Omnipex Ltée which is building the un-named shopping plaza. He shared that an Esso gas station along with Dépanneur Voisin will be directly competing with the Ultramar and Dépanneur du coin right across the street. Many will be thrilled to hear that a Tim Hortons is also set to open as well as an A&W. Re/Max is renting space and there is talk of a caterer possibly signing on as well. Denis says they are on track to open this July.
Increased traffic is apparently not a concern for the municipality. Alain Sauvé, St. Lazare’s assistant director of technical services, told me that there are no plans for traffic lights, street modifications or construction in the area.
Residents and drivers in the nearby area mostly seem pleased and had positive things to say in regards to the plaza. Shelly Lipton has two children and likes the idea of being able to grab a quick meal for them on the odd night she gets home from work late: “it’s great that I’ll now have a choice between Subway, A&W and Tim’s.” Shannon Lallier of St. Lazare appeared a little disappointed. “It would have been nice to have something unique or different there,” and Gerry Burns of Rigaud seemed indifferent “Maybe the Esso will have better gas prices.”

The Hudson St.Lazare Gazette/Wednesday May 4, 2011


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