The Kid’s Bathroom

When you have two boys and a girl it’s difficult to find decor and color choices everyone agrees on.  For their shared bathroom it was no different, so I made the decision to continue along with my “traditional-vintage-home-meets-modern-renovation” look that I had in mind for the rest of the house.

Sinks which could be mistaken for old refinished ones, combined with a modern vanity base.  Vintage looking hexagon tile with charcoal grout gives it a more modern finish.

Double vanity raised on modern steel feet: being able to see the tile continue underneath makes the space feel larger.  Each child has their own drawer for storage -easier to keep organized and more practical than doors.

Subway tile with charcoal grout

I was happy to choose timeless finishes like glossy white subway and hexagon tiles and a retro (insert shameless plug here) custom mixed by me,  pale lime wall color.

Striped window topper hides a privacy blind and brings  in a pop of color.  Light fixture could be mistaken for vintage.  Extra long waffle shower curtain.  Simple cotton and chrome laundry basket on casters.

Letter hooks spray painted in the (red) accent color is a great space saver and much easier for kids to hang up their own towel compared with a towel bar!

Example of using practical products (in red accent color) to decorate.

I have seen enough nautical themes gone wrong, dusty faux flower arrangements and offensive paint choices to know that the term “less is more” can always be applied here.  Bathrooms should very simply look and feel clean.  You can’t go wrong with attractive soap bottles, interesting containers to hold practical items like razors, bath salts or make-up brushes.

Another simple tip most people don’t think of is hanging the shower curtain rod higher and buying an extra long shower curtain.  It can be hard to find in most stores but very easy (and not any more expensive) to buy online.   It is amazing how this simple change can make a small space feel larger, tricking the eye into thinking the average ceiling height is taller than it really is.

The 101:  Choose classic tiles and finishes: changing your mind about a theme or bold color will cost be less costly if it’s only a matter of replacing accessories.  Hang your shower curtain higher.  If a bathroom wall color reminds you of a bodily function, nix it!

this style of sink and counter combo makes for easy cleaning

Retro medicine cabinet fits in perfectly with this bathroom.

Window treatment, Christmas Tree Shops.  Letter towel hooks, Pottery Barn Kids.  Red spray paint, RustOleum.  Medicine cabinet, Restoration Hardware.  Mirror, sink and vanity, Ikea.  Faucets, Moen.  Towels, bathmat, shower curtain & liner,  Tiles, Importations D’amico Inc.  Bath products, HomeSense and Joe Fresh.

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5 thoughts on “The Kid’s Bathroom

  1. I like how it looks like an old vintage bathroom that you redid -never would have guessed it was brand new!? Great job at using decorating restraint in there too.

  2. I am redoing a bathroom in my own home and I like the simplicity of this and how it’s not too childish. This bathroom will easily grow with your kids and can become a little more grownup with a new accessories! Thanks for the inspiration.

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