Yellow: spring-time powder room

Spring may have arrived this past March 20th but it’s only in these last few days that the sun has begun to shine warmer and has me actually believing summer is indeed around the corner.   I felt it was time to reflect this in tweaking a few decorations around the house -starting with the powder room. I’ve blogged about the powder room before, you can find the entry here for a quick refresher.

The yellow looks fresh against the silvery wall treatment.  For more about the hammered metallic walls click HERE.

At the grocery store this past weekend I was so inspired by the bright colors of the JOE soap and body cream packaging that I snatched up the entire line (which happened to be on super clearance!) and decided to use them as accessories for the powder room.  The round bars of soap look like candy and I loved how they were displayed in the store: on plastic trays with slots so that the soaps could be arranged on their sides.   I bought an entire row including the store’s disposable display tray so that I could do the same at home.  A few isles over their were some colorful towels and so yes, a yellow towel was also thrown into the shopping cart!

Suddenly the hand soap becomes a little more special with a saucer from a broken Limoge teacup. The dark leafy plant adds height and contrast.

Live plants have always been my go-to home decor accessory -they are by far the cheapest way to add texture, color and interest to any space.  The adorable little cup sitting atop the back of the toilet was only $1 at one of my new favorite second hand shops and I planted a tiny fern in it that I bought at the hardware store on my way home.

Isn’t it great when things come together quick & easy?

The 101:   Change your towels and accessories with the seasons.  Use practical items such as soap and hand cream for an inexpensive and easy way to bring decor and color to a bathroom.  Plants always add texture and interest.

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12 thoughts on “Yellow: spring-time powder room

  1. We were delighted to read and see how you are using our Joe Fresh products at home. We work very hard to provide the greatest variety of innovative, quality products, and there is no greater reward than to know that our customers enjoy and appreciate them.

    Please continue to let us know how we are doing as your feedback is one of the best ways for us to improve.


    Carolina Mondonedo

    Sr. Coordinator, Communications I LCL Customer Relations

  2. Wow, the paint is a really great, but it sounds hard to locate. I will give it my all though. What a fantastic fresh combination! Inspiration is catchy!

    • The walls look even better in person -I never fail to get compliments. Call around to your local hardware and paint stores asking if they sell metallic paint. This particular one sells only in small cans and I think it’s used more for small projects like painting furniture but I took a risk and it turned out great! (p.s. I have kids and as a bonus this paint is very forgiving -the walls wash up very nicely).

  3. Yellow is my least favourite color but you made me a believer! It looks fantastic w/ the grey. Love the contrast w/ the plant, too.

  4. Hi the color is great …I just messaged my 3 girls who have a new place with a gray bathroom to decorate!! nice!

  5. Wow that looks so nice! The yellow is so cheery and looks great with the paint! I have been looking for a paint colour like that for my boys bathroom!

    • Hi Jessica, Thanks for your comments.
      I used a hammered metallic paint which comes in 6 colors manufactured by Les Faux-Finis du Monde and comes in 850ml cans. I mixed 2 parts Silver to one part Pearl White to lighten up the color a little. Because the paint has a very slight hammered texture it is more forgiving and rolls on much easier that other metallic paints. I checked their website at (which is not very good), they sell their paint products in Canada and the U.S.A, but their site doesn’t mention anything about their cans of metallic hammered paint -which I purchased this summer at my local hardware store: RONA-Studio 450- 424-6328.
      Good luck,

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