just spray it

I heart spray paint.

I really do.  I am not only known for my love of the stuff -but for converting others as well.  In our last home I had my own little stash in the basement of different colors and finishes ready for any job or creative experiment that came up.

My daughter’s night table gets a coat of watermelon spray paint with a light mist of gold over top.  For more pics of her room click HERE.

I love it because it’s cheap, weatherproof, quick, adheres to just about any material and never leaves brush strokes.  I love how it can transform something from ugly to pretty or from outdated to modern in a just a few minutes.  Of course I can’t leave out the wonders of clear spray paint either -it has saved me from many a DIY disaster and provided luster and protection to so many of my projects in the last decade.

Years ago when the “metals” collection was introduced I knew this would be a game changer.  At the time I couldn’t afford to replace my front door fixtures, but for a few dollars I transformed the lock, the door handle, kickplate and doorbell with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  I did the same to my outdoor lights and topped it off with a very light mist of copper spray paint over top!  Stunning.

When I got sick of the builder grade light fixture in my boys bathroom, I spray painted it cherry red -it suddenly became adorable; friends were impressed.

A once peach vase seemed outdated but a coat of black spray paint gives it a modern look.


phone in my son’s bedroom

This practical little table has had many lives and been many colors.

Then there was the time I invented an entirely new use for spray paint which I am certain the spray paint manufacturers are not even aware of yet; When my boys were toddlers I redecorated their bedroom in a jungle theme and took a huge risk staining over the already painted white faux wood grain closet doors and all of the trim. It did not set and stayed tacky for days!  In a panic I went to the hardware store for a fix and spent hours searching the Internet -to no avail.  I would have to strip and remove it all -what a disaster.  But before throwing in the towel I had another crazy idea.  Using clear spray paint I sprayed a section of the slightly wet stain and a few minutes later it was dry!  It worked.  I sprayed all of the trim and closet doors and the stain dried.  It looked wonderful and it stayed that way until the day we moved many years later!

gold metal laundry basket

click HERE for more on the updated laundry basket

Five years ago I bought a new light fixture for my dinning room from an on-line store with a final sale-no return policy and the finish turned out to be completely different (ok, uglier) than the photo.  Once again I reached for the color fix in a can.

What better color for a school desk than apple red?

A once cheesy accessory re-purposed as a straw holder and painted white is fun and cute.

I have used spray paint on pottery, vases,vintage telephones, fireplaces,indoor and outdoor furniture, to make art, school projects, even handles on a pair of scissors! (yeah, I’m a little obsessed).  Whatever the project, it seems there is a spray paint for it!

Spray paints brands I typically like to use are: RustOleum and Krylon

The 1o1: Spray paint is a quick, creative and inexpensive way to bring new life to accessories or furniture that may be worn, outdated or no longer match your decor.

Click HERE to check out my MANY other spray paint DIY projects!


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7 thoughts on “just spray it

  1. I wanted to spray paint my vintage phone, but I was scared I would destroy it because we still use it. You also gave me an idea on the old pottery I have in the basement. Just in time for the weekend. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Can you tell me what you used on the school desk and any special tips you might have? I’m getting ready to do one for my son. Thanks!

    • Sure! Since the school desk was used and a couple of decades old I lightly and quickly sanded it with a high grit (120 or higher) sand paper then I washed and scrubbed it down really well. Once completely dry I taped off the areas I didn’t want red (seat and desk area) using painters tape and newspaper. Outside I gave the entire thing a coat of spray primer in grey (since there is no red primer). Once that dried I gave it three light coats of glossy red spray paint (allowing to dry between each coat). After it dried I removed the tape and newspaper. The seat is made of wood, so I gave it a good sanding, cleaned it off and applied two coats coats of varnish. Hope this helps a little! Thanks -and good luck with your project!

  3. I enjoyed reading this, thank you, and would love to see more pictures of your projects. I have never spray painted anything, and if you knew my age you would be shocked :-). But I currently have a metal wall hanging in my master bath that is just too dark for my tastes (it’s called antique gold, but the antique part looks green to me), and I am planning to spray paint it a lighter gold color. So, this weekend I’ll buy Rustoleum Specialty gold or brass spray paint (not sure which color yet, but I’m hoping to easily decide when I see the cans in person). If it works out…well, then I can think of quite a few more objects in my home that would benefit from a layer of spray paint. Keep your fingers crossed!

    • HI Ronnie! I’m sure it will turn out great! But if it doesn’t …you can always spray paint it a different color. If your going for a brighter fresher look, try a glossy white! It’s a safe bet and a color that goes with everything! Let me know how it turns out -and feel free to post a photo of your DIY on the JULIE LOVES HOME facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JulieLovesHome
      All the best! -Julie

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