Collections: for the love of mushrooms

I have blogged about mushrooms before, and (you can find that post here) for whatever reason I like the organic shapes and colors of mushrooms.  I have been able to find some neat ones over the years and all but three of them are handmade (not by me) which I’ve picked up in places like second hand shops and flea markets for as low as $1.   The trick to making any collection look great is finding a way of grouping them all together in one spot.  If I had mushrooms scattered all over my house it wouldn’t have the same impact and might even come across as tacky.

My collection resides on a stainless steel shelf in my dinning room.  I purposely chose to stagger them and not line them up like little soldiers which makes for a more interesting vignette.  It’s eclectic decor for the space and a nice conversation starter.

Stainless steel shelf, Target.  Wall color Intellectual by Behr purchased at Home Depot.  Twig and moss mushroom  HomeGoods.  Large white ceramic mushroom IKEA.  Medium glass mushroom Winners.  All other mushrooms are original/handmade.

The 101:  A collection can make a statement no matter how little or how much it cost if it is grouped together.  If you have too many don’t be afraid to edit.

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