Pointe-du-Moulin breathes new life into activities

Pointe-du-Moulin breathes new life into activities


Besides historic reenactments, the 2012 Pointe-du-Moulin season features plenty of activities for families and groups. It’s also a peaceful place for a picnic or to while away a lazy summer afternoon on the banks of the St. Lawrence.

by Julie Cadieux

NOTRE-DAME-DE-L’ÎLE-PERROT — Until I was 14, I lived in Notre-Dame, which is why I was pleased to attend last Friday’s announcement about Pointe-du-Moulin’s 2011 summer activities program. I have some fond memories of going there with my parents and learning about the old gristmill on school field trips.
It is the first time that the neighbouring municipalities of Île Perrot, Pincourt, Terrasse-Vaudreuil along with the MRC and SODEC have come together to collaborate and financially support the Société de Développment du Parc Historique de la Pointe-du-Moulin which was created in 2008 to manage the park. It also explains why there are a surprising amount of new and interesting activities, none of which existed when I was growing up.
Assuming the rain finally stops and the weather warms up, I am excited about rediscovering it all with my children this summer season, which begins July 2nd. Aside from a must-do guided tour of the windmill and the miller’s house to refresh my memory, one of the activities I’ve place at the top of my summer-to-do-checklist includes; taking a kayak out on the lake (my kids will definitely get a kick out this and thanks to the NDIP kayak club it’s a free activity). My daughter and I plan to enjoy some girl time in the kite-making workshop, while hubby gets dragged by the boys to learn the techniques of archery. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like camping, however from July 13th until August 3rd they offer Animation and Camping under the Constellations. I don’t think my family will allow me to pass up a night-time treasure hunt, followed by bedtime stories consisting of old tales and legends, and waking up to a hearty 18th century style breakfast served by the miller and his wife.
Information and a full list of activities and events can be found on their website at http://www.pointedumoulin.com

The Hudson St.Lazare Gazette – June 1 2011 – Julie Cadieux


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