St. Lazare Cyclo Tour: Thanks for a great day

St. Lazare Cyclo Tour:
Thanks for a great day


St-Lazare mayor Pierre Kary and his son Theodor are starting the race
(Gazette, Katinka Rubin-Michaud)


Alain Joubert and his daughter Catherine Joubert are the first to start the bike race. They have participated countless times.
(Gazette, Katinka Rubin-Michaud)

by Julie Cadieux

ST. LAZARE — My first-ever Cyclo-Tour, which was held this past Sunday, turned out to be a fun family event despite the rough start. My eight-year-old’s cheerful excitement simply made my boys grumpier about having to wake up early on a Sunday for “family time”. However once we got there the beautiful day and everyone’s happy mood became infectious -well, that and the fact that they were handing out neon reflective slap bracelets (it’s truly amazing how many hours of fun those things can provide to a 12 and 13 year old boy).
I was relieved to learn that there were two bike routes to choose from: the scenic 11 km through the beautiful neighborhoods of St. Lazare and a 21 km route for those up for a more challenging ride. My daughter and I had a lovely ride alongside other families, we maintained our speed and did not see any accidents or problems during our just under one-hour ride. Best of all, I felt safe as St.Lazare did a fantastic job of stationing helpful volunteers at every corner and turn to direct, inform and encourage bikers, approximately 1200 of them.
After my daughter and I parked our bikes and congratulated each other, we were given a re-usable bag of free goodies; an apple and orange, drinkable yogurt, water bottle, juice box and granola bar. My husband and two boys met up with us some 10 minutes later, having finished the 21 km in almost the same time it took us to do the 11 km but no matter, it wasn’t a race and I was more than pleased to point out that he missed out on all the sightseeing! The kids ate, -ok, inhaled their free food and then were off to play on the inflatable bouncy houses while hubby stood in line for hot dogs (yup, they were still hungry).
We ran into neighbours and chatted with volunteers before heading home around 12:30 p.m. “What a great town we live in mom!” said my once grumpy child. “Can I have your slap bracelet?”

The Hudson St-Lazare Gazette – June 8 2011 – Julie Cadieux


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