St. Lazare tweaks tree-cutting by-law

St. Lazare tweaks tree-cutting by-law

by Julie Cadieux

ST. LAZARE — One of the region’s toughest tree-cutting bylaws just got tougher.
The town held a sparsely attended public information meeting last Tuesday to explain the modifications to the existing by laws to do with tree removal, trimming and planting.
The amendments, to have been adopted at last night’s council meeting, will require that residents applying for a building permit will now have to include a tree removal permit (at no additional cost).
The town already has a by-law and guidelines as to what you can and cannot remove. However the council feels that requiring residents to get a permit will stop them from assuming that because they are building a new house, shed or putting in a pool, they can remove whatever trees they want.
The other major change is that residents must now obtain a pruning permit before being allowed to cut branches. The aim, said town authorities, is to prevent those who want to remove a tree, but can’t, to cut off all of it’s branches to intentionally weaken or kill it. In addition, trees that were removed because of disease or for posing a danger will have to, in most cases, be replaced with a new one.
Not everyone approves of the changes. “It was already difficult enough to try and have trees removed before,” grumbled one St. Lazare homeowner, speaking on condition of anonymity.  A tree from his property fell on his neighbour’s car, destroying it. His home is a new contruction and he abided by the tree bylaw, but this 30-foot tree had its root system compromised by the construction and one bad storm was all it needed to finish it off.
“Thank goodness no one was hurt and at least it didn’t fall on his house,” he added.
After the incident both he and the neighbour tried have other trees they thought might be dangerous removed, “but the town basically told me when you move to St. Lazare, you’re going to have trees and to simply deal with it.”
For more information or to review the full and detailed amendements you can consult the town’s website at

The Hudson St. Lazare Gazette – June 8 2011


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