Westwood Convocation returns home June 21

Westwood Convocation
returns home June 21


Our 2009 Convocation front page shot of principal Alana Quinn Leroux getting a farewell kiss from two grads. This year will be her last Westwood convocation.
(Gazette, Andrea Richer

by Julie Cadieux

Westwood Senior used to hold their convocation outdoors on their football/soccer field but when the size of the graduating class became too large they began to hold it at John Abbott College in St. Anne de Bellevue. Six years later, they have decided to bring it back at Westwood on June 21st at 6 p.m., rain or shine.
Some parents have expressed concern over the possibility that bad weather could rain out the event, but Principal Alana Quinn-Leroux and the staff have a contingency plan. If the weather should turn ugly students will be escorted to the gymansium while parents and family members will spread out in different classrooms where they can watch the graduation on the monitors. Not ideal, admitted one Westwood staff member but she pointed out that in the history of convocations held outdoors in the past they were always lucky enough to have a beautiful day.
Quinn-Leroux’s convocation speech will be her last one at the school but not by choice. She had asked the school board to allow her to stay at Westwood Senior for another year, hoping to be considered for a larger school sometime in the future but as she and many other staffers have experienced, they don’t often have control over those decisions.
She will be starting work at John Rennie High School “officially, on paper” on July 1 even though it is a holiday. Her replacement will be Sheila Honeyborne, principal at St. Lawrence Jr. Academy in LaSalle and before that vice-principal at Riverdale. There will also “probably be some other staff changes” Quinn-Leroux noted, but vice-principal Dion Joseph will remain.

The Hudson St. Lazare Gazette – June 8 2011


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