the little light that could

Before I even built my house I knew I wanted a pretty chandelier above my bathtub but it turned out to be harder than expected to find the right one.  Shopping for  light fixtures for this house was prob the hardest and longest process out of everything.   I project-managed the build of my own home and  there were constant choices than needed to be made on a daily basis but I’ll admit that choosing light fixtures was by far the most difficult.    Sure you can walk into any hardware store and find a dinning room chandelier that’s nice -but for $300 it should be more than nice: you should love it!  On the other hand, when you browse through a lighting boutique you can find unlimited beautiful lights to fall in love with -but none under $600!

I managed to find all of my lights for the house -except for the one above the master bath, before we moved in.  The space turned out to be a little more modern, masculine and boxy then I had first imagined it and so I knew I needed to balance it out through  more soft and curvy accessories.

Months dragged on and the only light fixture I found in my budget that might do was one I found at Home Depot for $99 (regular price).  It was a shiny fake brass number that most contemporary home owners would walk right past but I could see its potential -those  round cut crystal balls were adorable and reminded me of a more grown up take on bubbles!  Not to mention it was the right size -I didn’t want to bump my head every time I got into the tub.

Lucky for me it came un-assembled.  I removed all the gold brassy pieces including the chain and set myself up in the garage with a can of white primer and white high gloss spray paint.  After several light coats and allowing for drying time I was ready to hang it:  I turned off the power to the room and followed the instructions carefully.  I did end up scratching it up a little when I was hanging it but before placing each of the crystals I  got a large piece of cardboard and a couple of garbage bags to protect the ceiling, window and tub and touched it up with the  remaining white spray paint.

Hanging each crystal added another 40 minutes to the already long project but it turned out to be worth it.  I love the sprinkle of shadows and pattern the crystals make on the ceiling and walls and it has become the little gem of the space: From tacky to a beautiful, original, almost vintage looking piece that anyone can appreciate.

The 101: don’t dismiss a light fixture because of the finish… if the shape is nice and the price is right spray paint it!

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