Christian Millette in SYTYCD Canada St. Lazare residents ‘pulling like crazy’

Christian Millette in SYTYCD Canada
St. Lazare residents ‘pulling like crazy’

St. Lazare’s Christian Millette has made the Top 10 in the latest SYTYCD Canada competition.


I’m filing this prior to last night’s So You Think You Can Dance Canada results show, but I would be surprised and shocked if St. Lazare’s Christian Millette was sent home. Christian and his real-world ballroom dance partner Denista Ikonomova were teamed up for the first time on the show and did VERY well, with the judges fawning over them.
I know it’s down to eight (four guys, four girls) and every show three guys and three girls are sent to “dance for their lives” but I think Christian is safe.
It could have been a different story before last week’s live episode revealed the top eight finalists. Guest judge Mary Murphy told the bottom six dancers, which included Millette, “You more than all deserve to be here,” adding that this year’s Top 10 was the best Canada had ever seen. It was the first time this season that Canada’s votes, not the judges, decided who would remain in the competition.
This was Millette’s second time relegated to the bottom three, but again he made it through and Yuliya Zavadska and François Pruneau were sent home. “The first time I was expecting it,” admitted Millette. “At one point I knew I would be there [in the bottom three] but I was very nervous.” The second time wasn’t as bad because he knew that even if he was sent home, he’d made it to the top 10.
Millette says the show is a very different type of competition than what he is normally used to. “You have people voting, so it’s not always about the best dancers but the favourite dancers.” He’s thankful for the support he gets from his family and friends who gather every week at a local rotisserie, but grateful for the support of strangers after the town of St. Lazare released a bulletin on their website and Facebook page encouraging residents to support Millette.
Local businesses like the Poirier IGA and Octo Auto Service Plus have posters reminding their customers to support one of their own and text in their votes. “It’s not everyday we see a local have this much success,” said Jennifer, a St. Lazare resident. “He’s so talented and seems like such a down to earth guy.”
Although he has been living in Toronto since before the show first aired on June 20, Millette says he’s too busy to be homesick. “I’m focusing and concentrating on what I have to do.”
He admits to being physically tired despite his years on the professional dance circuit. “It’s been over 60 days of training and dancing. During the day I don’t have time to think about it, but at night and in the morning I feel the stress and pain.
“Even when we do have time to rest it’s not enough,” he admits. “After the show I will probably sleep for two or three weeks.”

The Hudson St-Lazare Gazette – Julie Cadieux – August 31st, 2011


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