Rain dampens La Pinière expansion party at Base de Plein Air

A sparse turnout for last weekend’s La Pinière expansion opener at the Base de Plein Air meant plenty of access to games and sports for those that did show. (Gazette, Julie Cadieux)


ST. LAZARE — The wind, rain and cool temperatures didn’t make for a very fun- filled Family Fun Day at the Base De Plein Air this past Sunday. “It’s cold and raining and my mom made me come,” said the unimpressed eight year old Evergreen Elementary student.
Those few who did brave the weather ended up enjoying the fact that there were no line-ups for the free activities provided, such as rock climbing, archery and ziplining. “I have never seen family day be this dead,” said one of the event’s councillors. “It’s a real shame.”
St. Lazare mayor Pierre Kary used the backdrop to announce that the town has spent $625,000 to purchase three pieces of land in La Pinière which will increase its 125 hectares by another 80 to 205 hectares. “A balancing factor is needed to manage urban sprawl,” said Kary. “We must protect our town by creating green common spaces”. According to a characterization study done by the town in 2006, La Pinière has a high ecological value as it is one of the few areas in Montreal that has seen very little disruption or fragmentation. An up-to-date map detailing the new trails will be available from the town by next spring.


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