The 6 Beauty Products I Am Loyal To

I, like so many women have a bathroom drawer dedicated to creams, lotions and make-up (oh, and an entire cupboard of backups and hair stuff).  I will not deny that I am drawn to the special product promotions set up in the center isles of my local drug or grocery store -especially if they promise silky hair and flawless skin!  But I hardly ever recommend or get excited about products and typically just skim articles in beauty magazines that talk about the latest and greatest -and I have never cared enough to research or buy products on-line.

Which is why it would seem unlikely that I would want to write and share my favorite tried and true products.  But these guys not only do the job well, they are reasonably priced and because I have found myself oddly loyal to them (some for decades), I felt they deserved a mention.

#1 Coty Wild Musk Cologne and Oil (for women)

Yeah, it’s a little old school -and maybe I should be embarrassed that I still wear this.  The scent was introduced by COTY in 1973.  I started wearing it probably 14 years later.  I remember being at a party and some boy whom had never noticed me at school stopped a group conversation short to look at me and say “I’m sorry, but you smell really really good -what perfume are you wearing?”.  After that I was hooked, and to be honest I still get compliments.  The oil is harder to find nowadays , but if you do stumble upon it -snatch it up and let me know, because the scent is somehow a little better than the cologne and last forever!

#2 Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish Facial Cleanser

I have face issues; call it sensitive skin, or blemish prone skin.  I have to be very careful what I put on my face.  My dermatologist swears by all Neutrogena products, and I like them too but this face wash is by far the best.  Does it improve wrinkles and get rid of blemishes?  Maybe, maybe not, but it does safely and gently wash my face and whenever I get it into my head to try something new, my face let’s me know -and it’s not pretty.

#3 Bain moussant algues marine (or Seaweed Foam Bath)

My mom started buying this at least 16+ years ago and that’s when I first discovered it.  Whoever manufactures this product (it doesn’t say on the bottle?!) seems to make it under different labels (for different drug stores/clients) but the label and bottle is always similar: far from appealing! However it is the best, most amazing bubble bath/body wash I have ever used (second place is Ivory Body Wash).  It smells like what CLEAN should smell like with a spritz of OCEAN mixed in.  It doesn’t really make bubbles as much as it turns bath water into this magical spa like aqua blue color.  It is a simple and perfect bath product -except for the ugly bottle, but I always pour mine into a pretty glass one which I leave by the tub -so worth the small effort!

#4 GOLDWELL Kerasilk Shampoo, Conditioner and Insta-Silk Fluid (for extremely dry, damaged & unmanageable hair)

I am not exaggerating when I write that this product line saved my hair.  A bad at home hair dye job, followed by a few days at a Disney water park (chlorine), then 2 days splashing on the beach (salt water & more sun).  My hair started to fall out in drain clogging clumps because it was so damaged and the hair saga ended with my blow dryer malfunctioning and literally melting off a small section of my hair the size of a twonie.  I battle  everyday trying to conceal a mini mohawk.  That was not a good hair month.  So yeah, my hair was in BAD shape.  I tried several different products but this is the only one that actually worked to help restore shine and health.  Now it’s all I use.

#5 SURE deodorant

No deodorant works well all of the time -or so I thought until a friend of mine urged me to try this one.  It’s one of the least expensive and best deodorants I have ever used.  I have yet to find it around here, since moving back to Montreal almost two years ago, so I typically stock up when I cross the border.

#6 L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara (in black/brown)

To be honest, a couple of times a year I cheat on my mascara.  I fall for a newer, prettier one which promises to extend my lashes beyond anything I have ever imagined.  Always disappointed I turn back to this old fave.  The tube lasts a long time, doesn’t clump and I prefer the texture and appearance to anything else I have ever tried which is why I have been buying it for probably as many years as I have been spraying myself with Coty Wild Musk!


3 thoughts on “The 6 Beauty Products I Am Loyal To

    • I like (but not love) Burberry Brit. I adore Sarah Jessica Parker’s COVET, and was not surprised to learn that it is made by Coty! I recently bought Hollister’s MALIBU BEACH body mist and really like how it smells on my clothing! A friend bought me FENDI perfume a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it.

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