Bedroom Story: something from nothing & the wing-back-chair-bed

Bedroom Story: Something From Nothing & The Wing-Back-Chair-Bed

Once upon a time there was a beautiful bed in an undecorated room…

I am beginning to doubt if I will ever have a perfectly “done” bedroom, but I think that’s the case for most people isn’t it?  A lot of us tend to put our money towards living spaces such as family rooms, kitchens, backyard decks or our children’s bedrooms leaving the one room we spend the most time in (average of 8 hours per day) to get the least of our decorating dollars (OK, maybe more like 9 hours if you hide out there to fold piles of clean laundry while catching up on some tvo’d shows like I do).

Many decorators have strong opinions about televisions in the bedroom.  My feeling is -who cares?  Wether your bedroom is a personal private rest and relaxation sanctuary where all electronics are off limits -or a second family room, there is no right or wrong.  I myself am not ashamed to admit that I sometimes like to watch TV in my bed alone (on occasion with a plate of nachos!).  In a family of five it’s usually the only time I get the remote to myself!

The Wassily Chair

I’ve never owned a bedroom ‘set’.  I’m not really the matchy matching type, instead I have organize and squeezed all of my clothes, jewelry and shoes into my walk-in closet.

The best thing about my bedroom is my bed.  I’ve always splurged on a good mattress (what does that really mean since I’m on my third one in 15 years?), down pillows, duvet and the highest thread count sheets I could afford (I even used to iron my them -but luckily some of my crazy has been replaced by lazy).  Comfort is more important than looks when it comes to a good nights sleep.  In our previous home I probably redecorated the living room three times and my sons rooms and playroom twice before I finally treated myself to an actual grown up bed -complete with headboard, footboard and rails.  I love, love my bed; the design is timeless (hello? a wingback-chair-bed), the leather is the tough, thick kind that will age beautifully and the wood and construction is also great.

My Bedding: different textures and colors in crisp white, satiny charcoal and brilliant deep teal

My walls are painted a custom color (mixed by me) because I used to have a room painted Ralph Lauren’s ‘Kashmir’…which no longer exists.  I tried to find something similar -but could not and so was forced to re-create it.  I painted the ceiling and walls, while the trim, doors, and crown molding are Behr’s ‘Ultra Pure White’.  (I should mention we were painting the entire house -so I had a variety of freshly half used gallons of paint laying around at my disposal to experiment with).  In a way, I played it safe… not trying something new but sticking to an oldie but goodie.  I’m not exactly impressed  with myself, but it’s OK for now.

vintage steel tanker bookcase re-purposed as night tables with storage and accessorized with items I already had

The rest of the room came together with hand-me downs and accidents.  From the Wassily chair a neighbor gave me to the vintage steel lawyers bookcases with flip-top disappearing glass doors I scored for $50 each back in 2002.  Each were three sections high but I removed one section to transform them into the perfect night stands (with storage!).

Reading area with vintage desk lamp mounted to the wall and chocolate pillow with teal dots I sewed up made from bathing suit fabric.

The reading chaise I already had and is actually a piece from a sectional I purchased from the Pottery Barn factory outlet ($35) a couple of years ago -loaded up with pillows,  no one can tell.  The size of a twin bed, it has also been a great “Mommy I had a bad dream/I don’t feel well” emergency sleeping arrangement.

A vintage desk light and “Keep Calm” print makes for a cheeky & restful reading spot.

The funky reading lamp is an old 60’s desk lamp I mounted to the wall.   I made the chocolate and teal dot pillow out of clearance bathing suit fabric I had (don’t ask),  the curtains with leftover bridal silk (I call them the wedding dress curtains) from the amazing Fabric Outlet in Lemoyne, PA and detailed them with some trim I found in my sewing box.  Accessories like frames, vases, throw pillows and candle holders were all items I already had.

A vignette: console table and accessories borrowed from other parts of the house. Painting made by me (Julie Cadieux). Small hallway leads to his and her walk-in closets and master bath.

The painting was made by me and used to hang in the living room in our previous house.  The funky 70’s hippie bust used to live on a shelf in the family room and is a made of wax (yes, she is a candle) and is probably one of my most treasured possessions purchased for a whopping $0.75 in 2001 at the Salvation Army Surplus Store in Camp Hill, PA.

Abstract painting made by me (Julie Cadieux) along with set of teal blue vases and naked hippie-lady candle bust!

Aside from my fabulous bed ;-)  …my bedroom is proof that you can turn an empty nothing room into something surprisingly well put together using bits and pieces (and a few treasures) you already own.  Although if ever I do finally get my room perfectly “done” I’ll proudly post those photos as well!

The 101: Don’t skimp on your bedding -treat yourself to a great mattress and sheets.  Re-Design, a zero dollar make-over: old or borrowed furniture, fabrics and accessories you already own can have a second life in a different room of your house!  Mix high-end with low, newer with older items for a personal and eclectic look!

UPDATE: I have since done a few changes, click HERE and HERE!


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9 thoughts on “Bedroom Story: something from nothing & the wing-back-chair-bed

    • Hi Teena, I wish I could remember the manufacturer: I’ve tried looking under and behind the bed hopeful that there was some kind of manufacturing stamp, then I riffled through some old files for a bill …but nothing!!! At the time wingback upholstered beds were not as popular as they are now. I remember googling and doing research on wingback beds because I had seen one in a decorating magazine and immediately fell in love with the idea. However, now there is so much more choice, I’m sure you can find something similar. I do know that once I found the bed online, I priced it through local furniture shops (they would order it for me) and the web for the best price and ended up buying it from ! Hope this helps, good luck!

  1. It appears to me that this web site doesnt load up on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getting the exact same issue? I enjoy this blog and dont want to have to skip it whenever Im away from my computer.

  2. Great ideas for everyday people -I love decorating magazines but sometimes I get frustrated because it’s all so perfect and way out of my price range! Thanks for sharing your tips!

    • the wall across from the bed (Where the chaise and TV are) I would like some storage or built ins of some kind and or a graphic paint or wallpaper. A small cozy love seat for TV watching. Maybe something interesting on the ceiling like gold leaf?) …lots of ideas :-)

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