My Dining Room

Dining room wall color: Intellectual.  Pale grey wall color leading to the dining room: Ash, both from Behr paints.

My dining room has two large windows and two separate arched entries leading to it, one off the home’s main entrance, the other just off the open living/kitchen area.  The bones of the room itself could be considered quite formal with its high ceiling, large moldings, medium width maple floors in a bark colored stain, traditional style windows and a dramatic light fixture by Kichler.  However, its the eclectic furniture and decor that make the space feel more modern and relaxed.

The left side of the arched entry has display shelves, for balance the right side has a small gallery which re-enforces the dining rooms wine theme.

My home can be described as a red brick colonial, which I custom built, and so while choosing the finishes I tried to keep in mind that this type of architecture is traditional and elegant yet simple;  I wanted the look and feeling of an older home that had been updated and modernized without compromising its integrity -oh and of course, all of this on a very tight budget!

My dining table is from Restoration Hardware and the aluminium chairs are vintage  Emeco, which I re-furbished myself.  The red voluptuous armless loveseat is far from new -but is a new addition to the dining room.  It looks great here against the wall color, although it sits a little too low, I have plans to raise it by either replacing the legs or doing some kind of diy project to it.  The vast empty wall behind it was initially going to get an art installation but I’ve since grown to appreciate its plainness.

Vintage Emeco Chair

The lamp and drapery rods echo the finish of the light fixture, yet the burlap curtains are a surprising contrast and are definitely key in helping to make the room feel less serious (more on my DIY burlap curtains here).

The lamp, light fixture and curtain rods all have clear crystal and chrome in common.

Dining Room light fixture by Kichler Lighting purchased from Multi-Luminaire.

The vintage steel lawyers bookcase is my pride and joy;  I refurbished it years ago.   sanding off the powder coated charcoal paint to expose the industrial steel underneath.  I use it to store and display my wine glasses (which I collect) and wine related accessories.

Although red is the main recurring pop of color in the room, the handmade rustic yellow pottery, the gold tray and yellow label from the Veuve Cliquot champagne bottle all pick up on the hint of yellow in the rich red abstract painting.

The three floating steel shelves are a nod to the vintage cabinet and make a great place to display more wine items along with my collections of mushrooms (more on the mushroom collection here).

Stainless steel shelves display collections. Curtains made of simple burlap.

Less expensive then fresh cut flowers; real-live plants add contrast, texture and interest to any space.

The moody wall color is called Intellectual and I love how it changes from brown to charcoal to black depending on the lighting.  The molding, trim and ceiling is the most milky of high gloss whites, Ultra Pure White both from Behr.

Hang art off centre and layer objects in front of it for an easy and casual vignette

The 101: To avoid the cold and boring ‘dining room from the store’ look don’t buy a dining set, instead try mixing different furniture.  Mixing eras can help make the space feel inviting and eclectic.  If you have a collection, display it together for the most impact.  Paint can do wonders for setting a mood.  Moldings and even ceilings can take on a different vibe painted in a high gloss finish.

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6 thoughts on “My Dining Room

  1. Hi Julie! Your dining room looks fabulous! I am currently trying to decide on a trim color for my new build. Are you familiar with sherwin Williams Pure White at all? Just wondering if it’s similar to your trim color. There’s also extra white but I hear it’s pretty stark. Whites are so though! Thanks

    • Hi Jas. Thank-you and yes whites are surprisingly tough colors!! Sherwin Williams Pure White is a great choice while Extra White has more blue-gray to it, making more cool and modern. Good luck!! :)

  2. Hi Julie, your house is beautiful! I am about to paint all my trims and a half wood paneling all white, and was wondering which is more durable paint for it, semi-gloss or gloss.
    Is the gloss shiny? Which one can get dirty easier?

    • Hi Belle! Thank-you for your comments! Semi-gloss and gloss are both durable and will clean up nicely so it’s really just a preference. I myself prefer gloss over semi-gloss. The reason? I think sometimes, especially if you aren’t a professional painter, the semi-gloss can look un-even, as in it dries glossier in some spots than others. Of course, this is me saying this; I am kind of picky and notice things like that. The glossier the paint, the more coats you will need however and it does take a tad longer to dry, but the end result will at least be more evenly glossy and shiny. The trick is; DO NOT roll or brush over the same area too many times -thin and quick coats. Apply and move on and you will have a great, dipped in paint looking job! (with no brush or roll marks) For more details and inspiration on painting with glossy paint read this post: ‘Bringing Sexy Back With Paint’ (LOL!) Click on the link:
      Oh, and I’m not sure if you saw my post yesterday; I painted my laundry-mudroom a glossy white. I love it. So bright and fresh -and CLEAN! You can check it out here:
      Thanks and best of luck!
      #IlovePaint ;-)

  3. I love this color and am considering it for my Master Bedroom which gets quite a bit of light. Are you still happy with this color and would you recommend it?

    • Yes, I still love it. It’s very moody, and I love how it looks great with any color! It’s a great (albeit unusual) neutral! Good luck!

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