Add plants in your bathroom decor !
[Photo via Grains of Paradise]

Take advantage of the natural humidity found in the bathroom to introduce plants to your decor. Whether your bathroom is bright or windowless, there are many varieties of houseplants that will thrive in the humid, tropical-like conditions of this room. Plants in the bathroom create a lush, spa look and a fresh feel.

In addition to cleaning the air, research has shown that green leafy plants evoke a sense of calm and comfort, while flowering plants lift our spirits and make us feel more cheerful. It therefore makes perfect sense to add a touch of green to the room where we begin and end each day!

[Photo via Decoholic]

Some plants to consider for a bathroom with plenty of natural light are ferns, azaleas, gardenias and orchids. For low-light bathrooms, go with aloes, bamboo, begonias, spider plants, dracaenas, ficus and philodendrons.

Plants can add height and drama to any space – even the bathroom!

[Photo via Decoholic]
A variety of plants make this bathroom feel like a lush escape.
Plants can help soften the look of bathrooms with square-cut and linear surfaces.
[Photo via Nirmana]
[photo via Decoholic]

Even in a tiny powder room, a small plant can add texture and interest

[Photo via Decoholic]

[Main photo via Grain of Paradise]

by RONAMAG on Friday, March 30, 2012


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