Chaos in the pantry

With the arrival of spring comes a deep desire to freshen up the house inside and out.  It might still be too early to get dirty in the garden, but the moment the snow melted hubby and I got busy power washing the deck, washing windows, putting away winter clothes, sports equipments and even started on some dreaded touch up painting around the house.

Still on the to do list was the food pantry:  I love the sight of well organized pantry.  Is it just me or is there something soothing knowing that the cereal is properly stored and won’t go stale? That the flour and sugar is well contained and not sitting in the bag it came in, leaking all over?  That the cans of soup are gathered together separate from the PB & J?  That you could, in the case of a pandemic, live off your pantry for weeks without leaving the house?  OK, maybe when it comes my pantry I’m a tad OCD.

In any case, I know I’m not the only one who thinks a well organized pantry is a beautiful thing; making school lunches is a breeze and whipping up dinner so much less stressful when everything is in it’s place -and you know how much of it you have.

Keeping the pantry pristine has become more of a challenge as the kids have grown up -they seem to be constantly in there rummaging, snacking and not putting things back in the right spot or cleaning up messes! It was way overdue for a good clearing out which is why last week, armed with a glass of wine and The Anderson Cooper Show for company I went for it: I removed every last item, took inventory, re-organized and washed everything down.  After a Costco run, the pantry is now back to being an efficient and well stocked space -and my stress level, down a few notches.  Beautiful.

THE 101: Being organized takes some work, but when done properly it makes simple every tasks easier and more pleasant.

2 thoughts on “Chaos in the pantry

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