Add a sparkle to your decor with original planters!
[Photo via Casa di Bella]

Plants are a great solution for adding height, colour, texture and a touch of dynamism to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

To get maximum impact from any plant, whether it’s a tiny african violet or a large palm tree, it’s essential to choose a container that matches your home’s decor and also showcases your plant. When choosing a planter, always consider your personal style and the area where it will be placed.

Creative Planters

Planters are available in a variety of materials, shapes, colours and price ranges, but are not limited only to those offered in stores. Here are some items found around the home that can serve as spur-of-the-moment planters, bring out the beauty of the plant and turn into original planters!

[Photo Via Eat Live Shop]
[Photo via Scientific Culture]
[Photo via Paint Ideas]
[Photo via The Yellow Capecod]
[Photo via Appartment Therapy]

Outdoor Planters

Whether the planter will be placed on the front step, sitting poolside or directly placed on your terrace, keep in mind that it won’t only need to stand up to the elements; it must also complement your decoration and the surrounding landscape. A plant comes to its full flourished beauty when matched with an equally aesthetic pot!

[Photo via House and Home]
[Photo via Better Homes and Gardens]
[Photo via Houzz]
[Photo via In Habitat]
[Photo via Anthony Wyer]
[Photo via 79 ideas]

Indoor Planters

If a houseplant will be placed on a glass coffee table in the living room, it’s best to choose a planter made from a contrasting material. Instead of a shiny container, try one made of a matt stone, ceramic or even a colourfully painted planter that will accent other decorative items in the room. If the planter is large and will be sitting on the floor, taking up a significant amount of real estate, choose one that compliments nearby furniture or the theme of your decor.

[Photo via So Haute Style]
[Photo via Jago Kunststoff]
[Photo via Habitually Chic]
[Photo via The Brick House]
[Main photo via Casa di Bella]
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