Indoor concrete floors, a great choice for your flooring!
[Photo via Domosfera]
– published on Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I have been thinking about flooring options for my kitchen and I’m considering simple light-grey concrete to replace the cheap and chipped beige ceramic tile. But I’m wondering if it’s good for the kitchen?
Richard – Shediac, New-Brunswick

Concrete flooring, and even countertops, for the home have gained in popularity over the last decade. Aside from custom colours and unique patterns and designs, concrete is durable and can withstand foot traffic and food spills.

[Photo via Appartment Therapy]
Concrete flooring resists chipping and staining better than wood, tile or linoleum. It can also be a great solution for uneven floors, it’s easy to maintain and it’s great for reducing allergens in any home. Unquestionably, this makes it a great flooring option for the kitchen.
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[Main photo via Domosfera]


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