Flash Pants (& letter feedbacks)

I recently turned 38 years old. Yes, my real age in black and white for all to see! I never understood why some of my friends prefer to dance around their number or even lie and drop off a few years the way we all wish we could drop off a few pounds. I just don’t care. Maybe one day I will. But so far my age has never bothered me. To the point where I remember my actual birthday but usually not the age I am actually turning!

Getting older has been pretty good to me so far. For one thing, I gave up and gave away all of my size 6 pants recently and I’m totally OK with it (honest). I eat well (in fact, I eat smaller portions than ever) and work out, but unless I suddenly end up with toddlers to chase around all day and decide to give up wine (150 calories a glass), then it’s just not going to happen! Getting older means your metabolism changes. I have adjusted, but refuse to deprive myself.

I’m also in a good place in the ‘being comfortable with myself’ department. Sure, I had a difficult upbringing, made some mistakes and had difficult times,but who hasn’t? I have worked through some of my demons. I am nicer to myself. I give myself a break, which is huge.

Finally, I care less what people think. I recently bought myself a pair of silver and gold leggings (to be fair they were priced at 2 for the price of 1). Am I too old to wear them? My daughter seems to think so. My husband will be the first to admit they are the ‘ugliest thing you have ever purchased!’ But they make me happy and I wear them as appropriately as I can with dress shirts and tall boots, so as to not embarrass the less mature people of my household! Whatever.

Letter feedback

Thank you for the great feedback to last week’s column ‘Parenting is Hard -Dammit!’

Loved it. With a college freshman to first grader, I can relate. Just recently my husband asked me if I wanted another child. The third (we’ll say he’s actually 3 kids in 1) weighed 10 pounds 3 ounces at birth. His strong-willed character has been just as heavy to carry these last six years. Looking ahead to all of my boys’ scholastic to sporting undertakings, not to mention college tuition, I could not imagine going for it one more time! Love them dearly but that energy I had starting at 21 is long gone, along with my waist. Thank you for sharing! Kathleen PS: I told my husband: NO

• • •

Words of comfort these days. My 8 year-old (going on 16) has been a challenge but seems to have turned a small corner. I sometimes struggle with my babies growing, but try to focus on the human beings they will become. Keep up the great work, Julie. T.

• • •

Love it! Thanks for sharing your parenting tips. They affirm my own. We have kids the same age as yours and, no, they never stop needing their mom. Mary

• • •

Great list, for sure. We’ve just survived one of our first nights without any toddlers joining us in bed. As much as many parents said,“Aww just let ‘em, those years go by so fast!” After many nights of no sleep and getting kicked in the face, we decided to embrace these years during the day, not at 1am. Pastor Wick

Pastor Wick: You’re funny! Yes, it does go by fast but a restful night for everyone is also important! Besides, some days it seems no matter what decision you make, you are destined to feel guilty about it! I remember going through this also and was torn by what others said. “Let them stay in bed and they don’t develop a healthy way to soothe themselves.” “Kick them out of your bed and they may feel scared or unloved.” Oh boy! Nothing about raising kids is easy! My advice to parents, which you already seem to know is: Trust your instincts!

The Hudson St-Lazare Gazette – October 10, 2012 – Julie Cadieux


6 thoughts on “Flash Pants (& letter feedbacks)

  1. Julie,
    I enjoy coming across your articles (in the Hudson Gazette). Today’s was esp funny! LOL @ your flash pants! Please don’t be offended when I say that it is nice to have something light, amusing and fluffy to read in between reading about frustrating or depressing news!
    Thankyou, Sarah.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I think it is amazing when a woman is not afraid to shout her age at the world! You are beautiful and I would have never guessed your age correctly. As far as the leggings go I share a passion for them so no flack from me :-). Keep up the good work. You look amazing.

  3. Julie and I go back to senior high. I only have experience with babysitting not ever having had children of my own.
    This is fine as I can no longer even care for myself due to Multiple Sclerosis, My husband is a saint as my main and only caregiver – but I just love reading Julies articles and am so glad she is sharing her wonderfully creative side with you all!

    I too learned to not to care about what others think. I prefer life that way.
    Happy belated birthday Julie, my (young) old friend. I too recently had my 38th birthday, and don’t care who knows my real age either.This is a lucky year for us ‘Tigers’ Julie, so keep up those great ideas – I love reading what you write!


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