learn to love yogurt again

Aside from being a good snack, yogurt promotes digestion, bone health, is a great source of protein and boosts your immunity.  But depending on where you live, I can vouch that it isn’t always easy to  find really tasty yogurt.

I was born and raised in Montreal (Canada) and because of the city’s French culture and deep European history I grew up eating some great foods (yes I regularly ate and knew what hummus, tzatziki and pâté were way before they began popping into trendy grocery stores all over the rest of Canada and The United States).  But aside from dangerously awesome baguette, what I missed most when I moved to the U.S. was  yogurt.  I was insulted at the display of 0% fat free to the measly 1% fat available at my local grocery stores.  Didn’t everyone know that for good yogurt, you needed some good fat content?  When you spend years eating yogurt between 2.5% up to 8% fat, the 0% fat free stuff looks like what comes out of a toddlers runny nose (I do apologize for the visual -but it’s the truth!).

photo via Liberté

My all time fave is Yogourt Méditerranée citron by Liberté.  Thick 7% fat probiotic yogurt with real lemon zest and pulp at the bottom (Oh yeah).  Because it is naturally thick (from all that milk and cream) it doesn’t contain any gelatine or sugar substitutes.

However, since I couldn’t find this yogurt I learned to “make my own”: I would buy the best and highest fat content of vanilla yogurt I could find, usually 1.5%, and add the rind of a lemon and a little juice.  Now that I am back in Montreal (and over a decade older!) I can no longer indulge in high fat yogurt whenever I want to, so I still do this today!

P.S. My kids LOVE it too! Sometimes we replace lemon with lime, orange or clementine!  As a bonus, you can feel good about the real vitamins and nutrients they are getting -and not “essence” or food colouring.

1 serving (or 1/2 a cup) of good quality 1.5% fat yogurt (plain or vanilla)
1 tsp of lemon rind
1 tbsp of lemon juice (including pulp)
Mix together (add more lemon if you prefer it more tart) and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “learn to love yogurt again

  1. Great tip Julie!
    I love to do the same on top of vanilla ice cream to cut the sweetness, but like you I can no longer indulge so recklessly.

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