Halloween short story -by Jacob Ouimet

Since Halloween is in a couple of days I thought I would publish this short story that my son wrote for English class! Enjoy and have a safe and fun ‘trick or treat’ night!

THE SCARECROW (short story) – alternative ending

By Jacob Ouimet – 9th grade English class / Westwood Senior High School

I kept my sprint going as fast as my legs could take me. The pickup truck was only 15 meters away. “Hurry up!!!” they called to me as I ran towards them. I tilted my head down and secured the scarecrow in a firmer grip. That’s when I heard the distinctive sound of pattering feet behind me. I kept running and quickly looked back at the noise behind me. My heart stopped. The old man was holding his axe and was running after me, and gaining fast. I tried to run even faster. I willed my distressed legs to go faster out of fear for my life. “Run! Run! Run!” they screamed. “He is coming up behind you!” only ten meters left to the car. I could make it, I thought to myself. I briefly debated dropping the scarecrow but canceled out that thought as taking it was the whole point of this endeavour. “Turn the truck on” I yelled to them in hopes of a quick getaway. I heard the drive belt turn several times before the engine came to life. Scot revved the engine and the taillights bathed me in eerie red light. That’s when the cans got tangled and snagged in a pot hole in the pavement. The sudden tug of the stuck cans tore the scarecrow out of my grip.

I ground my sprint to a halt. I reached for the scarecrow and untangled the cans, gripping the scarecrow tighter than ever. My knuckles turned white from the iron grip I had onto the key to becoming friends with them. I turned and began to once again build up my speed. I was almost to safety, to friendship. Only 5 meters to go. The heard the running feet getting closer as I approached the truck. The smell of old exhaust fumes filled my nose as I gasped for breath. I threw the scarecrow into the back of the old, rusty pickup truck and approached the passenger door. I threw it open and dove inside headfirst. I turned and closed the door as Scot floored the gas pedal.

Screeching noises emanated from the tires on the tarmac of the road. “Drive! Drive! Drive!” we yelled to Scot as he fought the steering wheel to stay in line. Words of congratulations were exchanged between us. I was no longer the new kid without any friends. “you could’ve been killed” Tony exclaimed as we exchanged high fives. Scot was awful quiet I thought to myself. I turned and saw his face. It was white. His mouth was trying to form words. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw a sight that made my heart skip a beat. I saw the old man was standing up in the back of the truck grabbing the sides for support. “He’s in the back” I said quietly. His axe in one hand he swung at the back window. Shattering the window sending shards of glass into Tony’s face. Blood seeped from his wounds and he cried out, reeling in pain. I felt the car swerve but I didn’t take my gaze off the old man’s murderous look in his eyes. Scot, cursing, tried to keep the car from peeling off into the ditch on the side of the road. I looked at the ditch and noticed it was a steep hill straight into the town lake. Aaron, also in the back seat, squirmed away from the shattered window and crazed old man. I turned back to face the front window and gripped the dashboard a prayed for the car to stay on the road. We were all screaming in terror as we all realized what awaited the doomed car at the side of the road. We left the road flying through the air. The car turned onto its side leaving me above Scot. We slammed into the water the car smashing into a surface as hard as concrete at the speed we were going. Everything went black.

I awoke at the shore next to Tony. He was shaking me, telling me to get wake up. I looked at him with utter confusion in my eyes. He seemed to know what I was thinking and gestured to the slowly sinking wreckage of the old pickup truck. Among the debris I saw the scarecrow, floating on the surface as if nothing had happened. “Where are Scot and Aaron?” I asked. A saddened look flashed through his tearing eyes. “They didn’t make it.” He whispered. “They were either crushed or had drowned in the crash.” I was about to ask where the old man was when I heard a rustling noise behind us, the sound of clothing rubbing against clothing and the noise of metal against rock. My heart stopped for the third time that day. A shiver went up my spine, most likely not from my dripping wet clothes but from the fear that had started to creep it s way through my body. I turned and looked straight into the eyes of the old man. He was sitting on a boulder with his axe by his side. In turn he looked into my eyes with a sly grin on his face. I didn’t see Tony but I knew he must of have been thinking the same thing as me: it was over. I tried getting up but it became obvious I must’ve suffered major injuries, most likely some broken bones, and a severe concussion. I cried in pain as I tried to lift myself up and fell back onto the moist sand of the shore. I looked over at Tony and it seemed evident he had the some of the same injuries as me. We looked at each other, then at the old man. He was slowly walking towards us, taking his time. I dropped my gaze to the floor and tried to look as innocent as I could. I saw his feet stop in front of my face. I heard him grunt and lift the axe above his head. I closed my eyes as my life flashed before me.


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