WHY NOT WEDNESDAY: feather your nest (ok, maybe just the lampshade!)

“OMG why didn’t I think of that?”

I’ve always had a thing for feathers, and of course I love feather wreaths.  In the last few years they have become pretty easy to find.  From craft shops to drug stores, you can snag one just about anywhere.  But what to do when you’re done with the seasonal feather wreath on your front door? How about setting it atop your lampshade?  It immediately transforms a basic lamp into an original and eclectic conversation piece!  With no sewing, hot gluing or staple gun required, this has to rank at the very top of the “OMG why didn’t I think of that?” home decorating DIY list.

Here are some examples below;  The black feather wreath I purchased at Target about 8 years ago.  The other wreath is a fall themed one I snapped up at Pharmaprix in a clearance bin last week.

Have any feather decorating ideas to share?  Leave a comment below, thanks!

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