Rice Krispies & Horses: Birthday Cake

Rice Krispies & Horses Birthday CakeAnother made-with-love-by-mom Birthday cake.  My cakes are not even close to being professional looking but they usually taste good and kids always seem to love it when there is a theme and free toys on top.  It’s the cake version of a Happy Meal!  I picked up the pack of horses at La Boutique Du Dollar (a discount shop) for $1.49.

I really like how the sliced Rice Krispie squares turned out (I used the individually wrapped kind by Kelloggs).  They kinda look like bales of hay!  First, I sliced the squares in half (width wise) to make skinny Rice Krispie squares.  Then I cut them into two strips per square.  Not only do they stick to the cake better when they are thinner, but you will use 7 Rice Krispies instead of 14!

Horse Birthday CakeHorse B-Day Cake

Happy Birthday Clo!

*Photos of the cake were taken in my breakfast nook; want to snoop and check out some pics? click here!


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