SLIDERS: crispy mini ciabatta fish burgers

The other night I was short on time but not imagination when I baked up some frozen breaded fish sticks/filets and turned them into these little burgers that the kids AND adults enjoyed!

Mini Fish Burger Slider

1 pkg/box of your favourite breaded fish sticks or filets
1 pkg mini ciabatta buns
1 bundle of asparagus
1 English cucumber
salt & pepper

Asparagus & Fish Sticks

Bake the fish according to package directions.  With a little olive oil and a tablespoon of water in a non stick pan cook up the asparagus (chopped into 3 inch lengths) for 3 to 5 min -keep it crunchy!  Lightly toast the ciabatta breads.  Slice the English cucumber.

Fish Burger Slider

Spread mayo on each side of bread.  Cut the fish to fit.  Top fish with a slice of cucumber and a few slices of asparagus.  Salt and pepper if desired.

Fish Burger Sliders

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