snow day

Snow here is not a big deal.  Schools rarely close, everyone has winter tires, roads are quickly cleared by armies of plows and you can never use snow as an excuse to be late for work.  Which is why today is pretty spectacular: it has snowed SO MUCH, so fast today… there are actual road closures!  The Montreal region is expecting close to 20 inches of snow to fall by the time the storm tapers off tonight!

Kaya, enjoying the snow!

Kaya, enjoying the snow!

When I designed and built our home I def considered the winters, which is why I love this time of year;  every window is my own personal snow globe!  We ate home made turkey soup, baguette and brie for lunch in the breakfast nook this afternoon…so pretty and dreamy…

The view from the breakfast nook

The view from our breakfast nook

breakfast nook

to sneak more pics of the breakfast nook click HERE

the view

That’s our tire swing in the back yard!

front yard

the front yard


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