WHY NOT WEDNESDAY : no cost eclectic eye candy!

“keep those cheap tips coming!”

OK.  It’s still January.  Our wallets are still recovering from Christmas, yet our homes seem to need a little life… a little colour, no?

I’ve said many times that I think houseplants are the most economical, beautiful home accessory you can buy that will never go out of style, add instant warmth, life, colour and texture to any space.  Buying a plant for your coffee table or fireplace mantle is like “decorating for dummies”.  You simply can’t go wrong.  And this time of year especially, retailers know it.  Which is why when you walk into any hardware, grocery store or even Target you will be greeted at the door by a variety of leafy specimens priced to sell.


Still alive!! (Kong Rose).  You might recognize this plant from my outdoor summer planters. For the details click HERE.

STEP 1 – Whether you bought a new plant or already have a few healthy ones throughout your home -it’s time to get out the scissors!

STEP 2 – Seek out cute little “vases” you already own like that antique liqueur glass, a pretty teacup, candle holder, jar lid, dessert bowl, your daughter’s mouthwash cup… basically, if it’s small-ish and can hold water, it’s an option.

STEP 3 – Snip a small leaf, stem or branch from your plant.  See how it looks in the variety of “vases” you have chosen.  Pick your fave.  Place it on an end table or at your desk to add a little colour and to remind yourself of how creative you can be without spending a dime! (remember to change out the water every week).

leaf plant clippings

plants on shelf

STEP 4 – If you’re lucky, the plant variety you snipped might just form roots and turn into a new houseplant!  If not, it will still give you a month or more of eye-candy-decor-happiness (uh-huh, it is in fact a real design term) before it dies.

plant roots

tea cup plant

plant leaf dessert dish

plant leaf 'digestif'red vintageglass

THE 101: being “eclectic” with decor in your home can be scary.  But in small, no cost doses like this, why not allow yourself to experiment a little?


CHEAP TIPS AREN’T JUST FOR THE CHEAP: Adding character, something personal, fun or eclectic to a space isn’t easy for many people.  Adding real live plants, is usually the first (and easiest) suggestions I give my clients who have perfectly decorated homes but lack a little interest and warmth.  Most clients resist at first, insisting the plants will die, but honestly, after spending thousands decorating a single room does it matter if you have to replace a couple of house plants 3 or 4 times a year? ;-)

Now grab a plant and go be eclectic!

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