Getting Crafty : teacher & bus driver appreciation day!

teacher appreciation muffinsIt’s teacher and bus driver appreciation week at my daughter’s school and today students are encouraged to bring in a favourite food to donate to the teacher’s luncheon.  We decided to bake up some cranberry chocolate chip muffins and late last night (on a whim) added these cute little messgae flags which honestly only took 15 minutes to come up with and put together from start to finish (thank-you technology).

teacher appreciation muffins

To make the flags I googled free images of ‘cranberries shaped as hearts‘.  I chose an image and pasted it in a word document and typed my message out right below.   

teacher appreciation muffins

Once I was happy with the size and font, I copied both the image and message several times onto the same page and printed it out (using my colour printer).  Next I cut each message into strips and snipped the ends in a V to make it look more finished.  Finally, with a handful of straws cut in half I simply glued the messages on!  Ezee Peezy!

DSC04129 Thank you to all those hard working teachers  -and patient bus drivers out there, we appreciate you!

For the muffin recipe click HERE.

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