WHY NOT WEDNESDAY : spring wreath for the non crafter

“This is a no-glue-or-tools-anyone-can-make Spring Wreath”

(not even scissors!)

St-Patrick’s day is around the corner and our little neighbouring town goes all out with a parade, while local bars serve beer to the crowds and merchants have tables of goods to sell and lure customers into their shops.  It’s a fun excuse to get out with the kids (and dog), wear something green and meet up with other families and friends -oh and drink a Guinness!


But the green of it all also tends to trigger thoughts of spring:  I always have a wreath on my front door.  I  think it makes a house welcoming and signals to visitors, before they even walk in, that you care about your home.

st-patricks day wreath

front house St-Patricks wreathI checked out some spring wreaths recently, but they all seem to have flowers, buds or some kind of Easter theme.  The one or two I sort of liked were over $45 (pricey for something I don’t love or will use for more than a couple of months).  Besides, I had something more simple and green in mind that reads more as the very beginning of the season.  When there are no blooms yet but only the fuzzy fresh greenery of early spring.

discount store faux greeneryI headed to a craft store and picked out a few things to make my own wreath but when I started calculating that it would cost me twice as much as buying one already made I put it all back and walked out.  Plan B, had me running to the local discount shop where I found some great finds: 3 tiny leaf garlands, 1 green topiary ball and 2 packs of 10 very delicate ethereal looking craft leaves for a grand total of about $11.

faux green garlandgreen topiary ball

craft leavesAt home with my loot, I searched around the house for an un-used decent sized picture frame in a dark colour and found a black metal Ikea one I had in the basement storage area.

I removed the glass and matting and took out one garland and wrapped it around the frame, tucking the end back into itself. Then I wrapped the second one around trying to aim for the spots where I could still see the frame, same thing with the third garland.

wrap garland around picture frameNext came the topiary ball.  I just tore off bits of faux greenery, they came off very easily and I simply jammed them into various parts of the garland where I could still make out the frame. Again, the leaves and stems get knotted and twisty so this system holds pretty well (no hot glue or floral wire required!)

DIY spring wreathI liked the simplicity of it, and was hesitant about putting the leaves in, but I smooshed them in there anyways and was happy that I did.  It makes the wreath look quirky and less serious.

spring green wreath I hung it on my front door, on centre, using the same old wreath hanger.  It doesn’t move or slide around because of all the compact greenery.  I also added a fun little St-Patrick’s day sign which I will remove after March 17th.

spring wreathAre you planning on making a wreath this spring?

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