WHY NOT WEDNESDAY: Provincial Baby…

“So, the uncomfortable furniture my gramps had is now hot?”

Yeah, seriously.  Take another look at grama’s old French provincial sofa, and snatch it up!  I have been eyeing these for a long time now,  they range from $50 (in original condition) to $8,000+ (re-done).

The fact is they were built to last and you get a lot of sofa for your buck (a provincial sofa can be up to 11 feet in length!).  Sure the original wood is super carved, lacquered and can be tacky as is.  But strip the varnish off or paint over it then re-upholster with cushy down filling and modern fabric to fit in with your own style.

No hand me down potential in the family?  Then check out your local or online thrift shops and garage sales.

french provincial sofa

Original condition / Photo via Montreal Mega Reuse Center

Original condition / Photo via Kijiji

Redone rustic / Photo via Gumtree

Cozy update / Photo via French Provincial Furniture

Vintage Upholstered Geo French Provincial Sofa Yellow Chenille

Refreshed with a modern retro twist / Photo via Etsy

Jennifer Ramos Made By Girl - French Provincial Sofa

Re-upholstered classic / Photo via: Jennifer Ramos Made By Girl – French Provincial Sofa

Completely glammed up / Photo via RubyLane.com

Eclectic and fun / Photo via Home Accents Today (by Jane Hall)


The wow factor / Photo via Etsy shop David Ballinger, NYC

Outdoors?!?!  Yup, a variety of provincial furniture for your patio sold at Home Infatuation


2 thoughts on “WHY NOT WEDNESDAY: Provincial Baby…

  1. No I didn’t buy one…yet! And depending on the shape and style I might consider tackling a re-upholstering job. Ideally I would find one in good condition and paint the wood out and add some throw pillows. But before all of that I would need to find a spot for it in my house -oh and convince the hubs! ;-)

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