feeling artsy

Maybe because it’s spring.  Maybe because I’m kind of obsessed with updating the master bedroom.  Maybe because I’m really digging pink, turquoise and touches of gold these days … but I feel a deep need to whip up some new abstract art (can you hear the “uh-oh” from my hubs?) and I’m not the only one.  My mini-me (daughter) came home from school today and declared: “I NEED to paint mom, I just have to paint something!!“.  It’s definitely in the air.

I envy how she spontaneously grabbed paper and paints and just got it out of her system.


“The Happy Face House” / Chloe

I on the other hand always wait a few days before finally going for it.   Taking the time to plan, think and day dream until I come up with a few basic inspirations.  I have tried it her way before …but my art always turns out dark, desperate and well …awful.

Here is some art that is inspiring me.  They make me feel both calm and happy.  What do you think?

sanchez artwork Weak Wrists = Great Art

By Yolanda Sanchez via Kathryn Markel Fine Arts


Jessica Goranson’s apartment / art by Rob & Nick Carter / via Lonny Magazine Jan/Feb 2013


via We Heart It / artist unknown


via My Vibe Life / Kelly Wearstler / artist unknown.

via My Vibe Life / Kelly Wearstler / artist unknown

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