Why Not Wednesday: nix the bath mat

“A small area rug instead of a bath mat -why not?”

When it come to dishes, wall trim, bath towels and mats I prefer white.  But it drive me nuts how my bath mats never stay nice or white.  They always look sloppy, wet and dirty and the constant washing makes the anti-slip rubber backing crack and fall apart pretty quickly.

not a bathmat, bathmat!

blue bathmatOut shopping for new bath mats (again) it dawned on me: “Why not buy a door/floor mat instead?” With so many colors and styles to choose from and many selling for the same price as a regular, plain old bathmat – I decided to go for it!

The funky blue ‘worm’ rug looks great in my modern master bathroom.

For more photos of my master bath click HERE.

rag rug bathmat

It’s been three weeks since the purchase, and not only do they look way cuter than your typical bath mat, they stand up great to water, stay clean looking and add a little decor oumph to the bathroom.

kids bathroom: rag rug bathmat

The rag rug goes well with the vintage vibe in the kids bathroom.  For more on their bathroom click HERE.

rag rug bathmatYou may also like… styling shelves


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