Why Not Wednesday: create and print your own fabric, wallpaper and decals !?!

“Oh Em Gee!!!”

Can’t find a drapes for your dining room in a cute pattern with that perfect teal blue color in it??  Not a problem.  Why not just design your own?

Pinned Image

When I came upon this web site, my jaw dropped open and my mind began to race at all the possibilities.  Spoonflower.com allows anyone to upload either a photo or their own design which can then be printed on your choice of fabric, wallpaper or wall decals.  I know, it’s a-mazing.  I am ashamed I didn’t know about this sooner.  The possibilities are endless.

Need more inspiration? Check out this pillow (below) made by Melissa of Haworth Handmade.  She took a photo of some books on a shelf in her home. Then uploaded it to Spoonflower.com where she had it printed on fabric and made this awesome throw pillow for her mother (for more details visit her blog).

book pillow, created using spoonflower.comI am day dreaming big time.  You?

– Julie


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