PC & Joe Fresh

“let’s go grocery shopping!?”


You may have heard that aside from the five stand alone stores in the U.S. (all of them in New York), JOE FRESH is now also being sold at JC Penney.  I first discovered the line through, of all places, a (Canadian) grocery store, Loblaws about 6 years ago.  At the time I lived in Pennsylvania and would pop into the ‘fun’ grocery store a couple of times a year when visiting family and friends.

Loblaw Companies Limited is the largest food retailer in Canada and they also (among many others) operate under the Maxi and Provigo grocery chains.  They also have several private labels which include household items, baby products, pharmaceuticals, cellular phones, general merchandise, and financial services (provided by CIBC) under the names of President’s Choice (often abbreviated and labelled as PC on merchandise), No Name, Everyday Living, Exact, and Teddy’s Choice.  What I didn’t know is that they also own and operate the Joe Fresh label!


Joe Fresh, consist of a line of clothing and shoes, including work-out wear and even undergarments for the whole family.  They also have jewelry, make-up and other accessories.  When I first saw the line, someone had told me that it was a branch of the GAP.  Which I totally believed because the clothing and advertising had a similar look and feel about it …but the price was way more affordable -comparable to an H&M.

I wish they had an online boutique because unfortunately only their bigger grocery stores can carry their full Joe Fresh and PC home decor, kitchen and bath lines.   Check online to find out where the closest one to you is.  For those living outside of Canada -make a mental note that the next time you travel for either for business or pleasure, leave room in your suitcase so you can shop the grocery store!

Although some compare it to shopping at a Super Walmart, it has maybe more of a Target feel.  The products are unique to their stores but I have, on a couple of occasions, seen PC items in Target (they had PC brand utensils), TJmaxx and Tuesday Morning.  But who knows, maybe JC Penney will eventually carry the full PC brand as well!?

Now you’re probably asking yourself “why should I care?”.  LOL.  Have a look at some of the pics I took while shopping at Maxi yesterday:


Everyone knows I have a serious thing for Lucite.  Check out the chunky acrylic handles (that remind me of Lucite) on these ceramic (yes ceramic!!) cups.  Aren’t they too cute?  Oh wait -there’s a whole line!  Yup.  Butter dishes, espresso cups, tea/coffee pots and creamer/sugar sets.  Cute, unique and priced to stock up!






BELOW: I have these as everyday drinking glasses.  They come in tall or short sizes, are thick and chunky (which means they can stand up to my not so delicate kids!) and best of all they have carried them for years which means at $5 for 4 I can afford to replace them when they do get chipped or broken and I know I will always have matching glasses.



My (current) favorite pair of jeans are a dark wash skinny jean I picked up here last year!


Their flip flops aren’t just cute (shown here are women’s) -but actually cushy and comfy too! At $4, I stock up at the beginning of the summer for my whole family.



I have gifted many of their Pj’s for myself and others (most mornings our family looks like a Joe Fresh ad!), they have such cute patterns.  Below is my latest pair: I love the bold floral against the pale teal blue!

JOE FRESH floral PJ's

Joes Fresh lip gloss

JOE FRESH eye shadow





I have both the yellow and herringbone hand towels which I alternate in my powder room.  I also display and use yellow Joe Fresh soaps and lotions.

The yellow looks fresh against the silvery wall treatment

PC herringbone towels

BELOW: I just snagged these cheerful blue chevron PC dinner napkins!

PC Dinner Napkins chevron patternteal

Want more info?  Click here for a direct link to the Loblaw Companies Limited website or click here for photos of Joe Fresh on Pinterest. Happy shopping!



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