Why Not Wednesday : from unused nook to space with a purpose!

Poorly designed closet. Unused nook. Awkward alcove.
Why not transform it to maximize storage and space?

In my hubs home office he recently did just that!  He has a nook which should have been a closet (as per our house plans).  But as we built the house I decided to leave it completely open and purposely chose to have it finished as a nook.   I imagined that the little space would be better suited with built-in shelves rather than a closet with a door that would be in the way when it opened into the room.  The hubs installed metal brackets with white melamine shelves but after almost three years the shelves began sagging and to be honest it just never looked attractive and properly finished.  A few weekends ago he tore it all out and after a trip to the hardware store for some pine boards he began making custom shelves that would nicely store all of his office equipment and supplies.

Hubs building pine built in shelves

He measured and planned out what equipment and supplies would go where and passed the necessary wires and cables, hiding them (if he could) in what looks like a solid supporting wood piece going through the middle. We chose to paint out the shelves the same color as the rest of the room so as to not draw any special attention to what’s being stored on them since they aren’t meant for decorative but practical storage purposes.

nook built in shelves home office

Above: I hate wires, but even though you still see a few (bottom shelf) the rest are pretty well hidden.  Below is the view walking into the office.  Notice how you don’t see the shelves at all until you are in the room since they are slightly recessed!

walking into the office

built in shelves in nook/unused closet

Below are some close up pics of the built-ins.

shelves close up

shelves close up

Below: The hubs decided to finish off the top shelf with a piece of (not your typical) decorative molding.

shelves close up

Feeling inspired?  Check these fabulous transformations below (click on the photo to be directed to the source).

Great use of space for a small home...tuck an office into a closet and multi task the chair in the main space for both uses...and the fun color makes the closet/office a gem.






Reading Nooks: The unused space beneath the stairs is the ideal spot to create a cozy reading area.


built in bath nook, took unused awkward space with a slanted ceiling and made it functional


Reading Nook in an unusal small space u dont know what to do with!


book nook .. perfect for a tiny unused space



closet office

source unknown

Shelving Above Toilet - perfect use for normally dead space.  Like the bold wall color behind. So cute for a half bath.


Styling shelves


What do you think?  Is this a DIY project you dream of tackling someday?


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