MATH ART: 1 DIY art piece = 3

“DIY art anyone can do!”

A few weeks ago I posted about how my daughter and I were feeling artsy.

me and clo  - making art

Nope.  I did not make that abstract above the craft table -but isn’t it awesome?  It is an original piece I purchased way over a decade ago, unsigned.

watercolor pink aqua blue art abstract DIY

Inspired by some watercolor abstracts I went ahead and made my own.  I finally finished my painting (which I planned for my master bedroom), not that it took long to make.  For 30 minutes I worked alongside my daughter in the study, while she created her own masterpiece.  What took long was to get to the point where I was ready to frame, hang and photograph them.  “Them?” you ask.  That’s right!  The great thing about painting on a large poster board is that you can choose to cut, capture and frame only the parts that you think are best. For tips on how to get going when thinking about making your own art click HERE.

Trust me.  Anyone can do this!  It’s a great way for beginners or non-artists to make art that looks pro!

MATH ART: turning 1 art piece into 3

MATH ART: turning 1 piece into 3

watercolors DIY ART

Watercolors DIY ART

Abstract art JULIE CADIEUX

JULIE CADIEUX abstract art

Julie Cadieux / Abstract Art

What do you think? Is this something you have done -or think you might try?


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